Weld Inspection


Weld Inspection
Ring-bound, 40pp, A4 approx.
'Weld Inspection' is a ring-bound booklet produced by GE Measurement & Control that depicts GE's non-destructive testing solutions and also contains lots of useful information, including descriptions of 15 different weld types and a selection of weld interpretation reference radiographs, illustrating the wide variety of possibilities for detection of discontinuities. This radiographers' reference replaces the GE 'Industrial Radiography' text first published by Agfa in the 1960s.

The booklet additionally contains listings of all relevant codes, standards, regulations and recommended practices, including ASME, AWE, API and ASTM codes, European welding standards and ISO/EN standards for NDT of welds, as well as Japanese welding standards and Chinese welding standards (GB standards or recommendations).

The colourful and easy-to-read publication covers details of GE application solutions for the oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, automotive, rail and ship-building industries, as well as GE's product solutions in ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic testing, RVI, radiography, asset life-cycle weld inspection with multi-inspection solutions and software. 

Price: £10.00

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