Condition Monitoring Technical Committee (COMADIT)

Co-Chairs: Professor L Gelman and Professor A D Hope 

BINDT, a major UK body in the area of condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic technologies, is managing the condition monitoring activity via the Condition Monitoring Technical Committee. The Committee is the high-level, specialist group within BINDT that promotes best practice and exchange of knowledge within the condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic community worldwide.

The Committee aims are to:
  • Provide a distinct forum within BINDT that concerns itself with all aspects of condition monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and root cause analysis.
  • Promote the development and application of condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic methods and techniques, and propagate knowledge of condition monitoring methods and techniques through publications, seminars, conferences and training courses.
  • Support national and international standards for personnel training and certification in the application of condition monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic technologies.
  • Appeal to everyone interested in science, technologies, practice and benefits of condition monitoring, diagnostics, prognostics and root cause analysis.
BINDT is extending activity in this area by involvement in the activities of the International Society for Condition Monitoring and by scientific-technical management of the International Journal of Condition Monitoring. The international journal, together with the annual international condition monitoring conference organised by BINDT and the International Society for Condition Monitoring, creates a strong condition monitoring triangle.

This triangle involves scientific-technical representatives of leading universities and industrial companies from more than 30 countries; all major continents are involved: Europe, Australia, America, Asia and Africa.

In keeping with the growth of condition monitoring, BINDT is pleased to invite the condition monitoring and maintenance communities to the Thirteenth International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies. The conference is to be held 10-12 October 2016 in , Paris, France. The conference is being organised by BINDT, in close partnership with the US Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology, at a truly international level.

The committee is pleased to invite scientists, engineers and students of the condition monitoring community worldwide to become active members of the created condition monitoring triangle by submitting papers to both the journal ( and the International Condition Monitoring Conference CM/MFPT 2016, and by applying for membership of the International Society for Condition Monitoring.

Follow the Committee web page for more information:

Names and contact details for members of the Condition Monitoring Technical Committee (COMADIT):

Chair: Mr S Greenfield

Vice Chair: Dr G Yebra


The following may be contacted via the Secretariat:

Mrs K Cambridge, Mrs J Cook, Professor P Foote, Dr W E Gardner, Prof L Gelman, Mr D J Gilbert, Mrs K Hickman, Dr T J Holroyd, Prof A D Hope, Mr K Innes, Dr S James, Mr P Kolbe, Dr L Lobo, Mrs C Mackle, Mr K Maynard, Mr L March, Mr S Mills, Mr J Moody, Dr S Muthuraman, Mr T Nowell, Mr C Pearson, Mr P Quirin, Professor T Sattar, Mr N Sedgwick, Mr D Shorten, Mr D Sleeman, Mr N Walker, Dr L Wang, Mr D Whittle, Mr J Willis and Mr F Youssef.