BINDT Membership Subscriptions 2017 

Annual subscription (£)
Initial enrolment (£)
Fellow 108.00 25.00
Member 92.00 20.00
Associate73.00 15.00
Affiliate FOCFOC
Retired 39.00
Corporate 687.00
Corporate (Educational Institution/ATO) 500.00
Graduate (legacy)

IAQP Membership Subscriptions 2017
Annual (£)
All grades* (UK) 
All grades* (overseas) 52.50
NDT News only (UK) 35.00
NDT News only (overseas) 46.00
*Includes NDT News
There is no charge for enrolment in IAQP

Special Combined Membership (BINDT/IAQP) Subscriptions 2017Any grade of BINDT membership plus any grade of IAQP membership, add the following to the appropriate BINDT membership subscription:

Add to BINDT annual subscription (£)
IAQP (UK)+ 24.50
IAQP (overseas)
+ 29.50

Click here to download the Guide to Membership Fees 2017.

NOTE: Members who pay their own subscription fees and pay UK income tax may be able to claim tax relief if their employment is related to non-destructive testing.

For further information, refer to the HM Revenue and Customs website: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/list3/list3.htm#1