Impartiality Statement

Certification Services Division 

The British Institute of NDT, as the Certification Body, is committed to the impartiality of its UKAS accredited 'Personnel Certification in NDT' (PCN) scheme.

In fulfilling this commitment, Council carefully assesses the suitability of proposed members of the scheme committee 'Certification Management Committee' (CMC) before ratifying the selection.

In nominating members to be elected to Council, careful consideration is given to the impact it will have, should the nominee be elected, such that no single interest is predominant. In approving proposed members of other committees that have an interest in PCN, careful consideration is given to the impact it will have on impartiality.

If a topic is being discussed and a voting member of a committee has an interest that could impact on impartiality, the President or the Chairman of the committee will consider whether it is appropriate to suspend the voting rights of that member for the duration of the topic being discussed.