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January 2018 update

On 26 December 2017, all certificates affected by the NDT International PTE Ltd situation that were not successfully re-examined or granted an extension were withdrawn. Those certificate holders that have been granted an extension are listed in the documents below. Withdrawn certificates are also listed.



Personnel Certification in NDT (PCN): actions taken following the discovery of fraud

In June 2017, the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) had to take drastic action to correct a fraud that had been perpetrated by NDT International PTE Ltd (NDTI), a PCN-Authorised Qualifying Body (AQB) operating in India and elsewhere. This affected the AQB, its managers and all PCN certificate holders that had acquired certificates through examinations conducted by NDTI. In all, over 3000 PCN certificate holders were affected, with most working in the oil & gas sector in the Middle East region. Clearly, the fraud has caused significant disruption.
Although the actions taken by BINDT have put an abrupt stop to this particular fraud, the ramifications continue. BINDT is working through hundreds of appeals and is tracking the 3000-plus PCN certificate holders who are required to submit to re-examination if they wish to reacquire their PCN certification. These processes will not be completed until June 2018. Nevertheless, since some stakeholders (end-users, employers and certificated practitioners) may still be undecided as to how to react, it is timely to articulate BINDT’s perspective on the whole affair, which will hopefully help to restore stakeholders’ confidence in the PCN Scheme. 

Please click here for the full article.

NDT International PTE Ltd withdrawal update

On 26 December 2017, all affected certificates that have not been successfully re-examined or granted an extension will be withdrawn. A list of all withdrawn certificates will be available on the BINDT website by January 2018. 
Last month, BINDT held panel sessions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to answer questions on what happened and what actions BINDT has taken and why. A summary of these sessions can be found in the report on the front page. 
Many appeals have been processed, which has resulted in some candidates and employers being granted up to 26 June 2018 to complete the re-examination. The latest date for extension requests is 22 December 2017. No certificates have been reinstated to the expiry date.


Weld Inspection certificate wording update

The wording for some Weld Inspection certificates will be changing. All candidates holding a WI or Senior WI certificate will be emailed or written to and a new certificate with the new wording will be issued in due course. For further information, please contact Jennifer Cook or Patrick Boulton, BINDT Certification Services. Tel: +44 (0)1604 438300 or email: pcn@bindt.org

Welding Quality Inspector

Employers who conduct inspection of welds should be aware that BINDT can issue recognised certification compliant with PCN documented criteria for certification of their weld inspectors. 
The relevant documents were developed by a working group constituted by experts with extensive experience in weld inspection across a broad range of welded products utilised in general engineering and fabrication. 
Within the suite of published documents there exist two separate documents, one of which addresses general certification requirements, supplemented by a separate appendix that details more specific qualification requirements associated with typical weld inspection tasks of a visual nature and also involving traditional NDT methods and techniques, using inspectors qualified under separate NDT method- or sector-specific certification that PCN has developed and evolved over decades.
Any organisations or individuals wishing to take advantage of PCN WI certification should contact BINDT Certification Services, tel: +44 (0)1604 438300 or email: pcn@bindt.org, for advice on available training courses in weld inspection conducted through BINDT-approved training schools and examination centres.

ATO/AQB Status
The ATO approval for MINDT Training & Certification Sdn Bhd has been reinstated.

PCN In-Service Inspection Certification

Employers who conduct in-service inspection of plant or materials operating in challenging environments, such as the oil & gas sector, should be aware that PCN can issue ISO 9712-compliant certification for their NDT operatives.

The relevant documents were developed by a working group comprising NDT experts with broad experience of in-service NDT inspection in such environments.

Within the suite of published documents there exist separate documents that address general certification requirements, supplemented by separate appendices that detail the qualification requirements associated with specific inspection tasks, typically executed on infrastructure exposed to corrosive conditions and environments, raising awareness of potential pitfalls and errors in measurement that frequently apply and presenting optional techniques to counter, reduce or eliminate their effects. 

Any organisations or individuals wishing to take advantage of PCN ISI certification should contact BINDT Certification Services Division, email: audits@bindt.org, for available training courses conducted through BINDT-approved training schools and examination centres. Up-to-date contact details for all AQBs can be found on the BINDT website at:

Qualifications & Certification Talk
Suspension of ATO
The ATO and AEC approval for Decibel NDE has been suspended with immediate effect.

The withdrawal of approvals and certificates relating to NDT International PTE Ltd

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the mock-up examination?
A: Please see document PSL/06B for a flow chart concerning the mock-up examination and the re-examination process.
Q: Do I have to complete the mock-up examination prior to re-examination?
A: NDT International candidates are eligible to sit the initial re-examination without any additional training if they choose to do so, so long as they know that if they fail the initial re-examination:

  • their certificate will be withdrawn immediately; and
  • they will then have a further 12 months to conduct a retest (on the failed part).
It is important to note the immediate withdrawal of the certificate if you fail the initial examination.
Q: What happens if I fail re-examination?
A: Your certificate will be withdrawn immediately and you will then have a further 12 months to conduct a retest (on the failed part).
Q: Where can I go to be re-examined and be sure that the examination centre will not have its approvals withdrawn in the future?
A: You can attend any centre listed in the document PSL/4. BINDT will have a presence at these centres during the six-month period for re-examination to ensure oversight and control of each centre's examination processes.

Q: I am an employer of certificate holders and not a certificate holder in my own right. Is there somewhere I can get more background information?

A: Our website at www.bindt.org contains a huge amount of information about the PCN Scheme. Perhaps the place to start is another set of Q&As at: http://www.bindt.org/downloads/PCN-FAQs.pdf
Q: Why have BINDT employees stopped posting on forums and social media?
A: We have decided that it is more effective and efficient to communicate with affected people through direct correspondence and via our own website. Everything we post on our website will be factual and we will stand by it. We cannot control what people purporting to represent BINDT, or some other authority in this matter, might write on forums, social media and other outlets. People wanting the facts without having to wade through a lot of misinformation and ‘noise’ can acquire that information from one source: our website.
Q: Why has it taken such a long time and several audits to uncover the non-conformities resulting in the withdrawal of approvals?
A: One of the non-conformities found through our covert investigations is that documents were being fabricated by NDT International PTE Ltd. Furthermore, as an auditor’s visit is generally announced beforehand and reviews just a sample, it was only when we started our covert investigations (for example corresponding with ‘whistle-blowers’, making unannounced drop-in visits and the deployment of ‘secret shoppers’) that we saw exactly what was going on. Once sufficient evidence was acquired, we took swift action.
Q: What is a ‘secret shopper’?
A: A ‘secret shopper’, in this context, is a person whom we pay to go through the training, examination and experience-checking process and to report back to us on the compliance with standards and procedures and the quality of service offered. As the name suggests, secret shoppers shall remain anonymous because, sadly, they may be placing themselves at some personal risk of retribution if identified.
Q: I understand why NDT International PTE Ltd’s approvals have been withdrawn, but why are individuals’ certificates also being withdrawn?
A: The reason we have had to withdraw PCN certification from around 3200 people (roughly 6500 certificates) is that we uncovered serious malpractice at an organisation that conducts training and examinations, with work experience checks as part of the process: ie NDT International PTE Ltd. So serious were the issues uncovered that the affected certificates, which normally indicate compliance with international standards, had to be withdrawn, since we now know that there was a lack of compliance (and much worse). It is impossible to distinguish between the legitimate certificates and the falsified ones as, apart from those clearly fraudulent certificates issued at the precise time our secret shopper was present, there is no way of telling the difference between a certificate that has been issued under false pretences and one that has been issued legitimately. Therefore, to protect the end users (manufacturers or operators of plant and equipment) for whom the PCN Scheme exists, we have had to withdraw all of them. The withdrawal of certificates is ‘collateral damage’. We did not cause the damage, NDT International PTE Ltd did. As it is hoped will become clear in due course, BINDT did everything 'by the book'.
Q: Has BINDT got a duty of care and legal obligations to the certificate holders?
Our duty of care is to the end users, especially given the fact that many of the certificate holders in this case acquired their certificates through fraudulent means. Our 'legal' rights and responsibilities are set-out in international standards, see: http://www.bindt.org/Certification/general-information/Standards-that-affect-your-PCN-Certificate/

Our moral obligation is to ensure that quality and safety are not compromised, hence the drastic action. NDT International PTE Ltd has a duty of care and legal obligations to the certificate holders, which is why we urge affected parties to seek recompense from NDT International PTE Ltd.
Q: Is there any other organisation investigating this matter that could withdraw BINDT’s approval?

A: BINDT is subject to regulation. For example, as a UK-registered charity, we are regulated by the Charities Commission, which ensures that we remain focused on our mission rather than on making a profit. More relevant to this particular matter is the fact that the PCN Scheme is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS assesses our operations as a Certification Body and would withdraw our accreditation if we were not complying with the standards. For a list of those standards go to: http://www.bindt.org/Certification/general-information/Standards-that-affect-your-PCN-Certificate/

UKAS is performing an investigation into this matter and we hope to be able to release a statement based on their findings in due course.

For evidence of our accreditation, go to: https://www.ukas.com/wp-content/uploads/schedule_uploads/00011/00274/0030Personnel Certification.pdf

Finally, the PCN Scheme has been developed for industry and is governed by a committee of unpaid volunteers that mostly represent the end users. The actions we take are subject to the direct oversight of industry representatives.
Q: If NDT International PTE Ltd has a right to appeal the decision to withdraw their approvals, is it possible that the withdrawn certificates will be reinstated?
A: Given what we know about the way NDT International PTE Ltd was operating, it is at the moment doubtful that their approvals would be reinstated. Nevertheless, NDT International PTE Ltd has that right and we will keep an open mind. Also, we hope that NDT International PTE Ltd will help us to deal professionally with appeals from certificate holders and their employers. If such appeals are successful, then their certification could be reinstated (or not withdrawn, if the appeal is dealt with before 26 December 2017).
Q: Is there a risk that an affected certificate holder could retake their examinations, as required, only to find out later that the third-party AQB conducting the exams also has its approvals withdrawn and the certificates are withdrawn again?
A: We recognise that there is a risk of legitimate certificate holders being subject to a withdrawal more than once. Therefore, we have stepped-up our covert investigations and may choose  to suspend more organisations’ approvals if there is reasonable suspicion. Organisations whose approvals are suspended would be prevented from conducting examinations. The actions we have taken against NDT International PTE Ltd have prompted a number of ‘whistle-blowers’ to come forward and give us reasonable suspicion in more than one case. Therefore, it is likely that we will take action against one or more additional organisations, but we will do so quickly to minimise this risk.
Q: Is BINDT making money from taking these actions?
A: In short, no. BINDT generally covers its costs by charging a fee to organisations such as NDT International PTE Ltd for the audits and assessments that we carry out, and by charging a relatively small levy on each examination taken. The actions we are forced to take to respond to our findings at NDT International PTE Ltd are being carried out at significant cost to us.

The above FAQs address the more general queries that BINDT is receiving. Of course, individuals affected by this matter may have particular circumstances and specific questions relating to their individual certifications that are not covered above. Additional queries should be addressed to: pcn@bindt.org


BINDT strongly advises those affected by the recent withdrawal of NDT International PTE Ltd to follow the correct route to regaining PCN certification.

NDT International PTE Ltd and its staff no longer have any association with BINDT or the PCN Scheme and as a result cannot conduct valid PCN training courses and examinations.

PCN certificate holders should decline approaches from anyone listed below and should NOT take up any offer of re-examination by any of these people. Those listed are banned from working with BINDT or for a BINDT-approved organisation and should not, therefore, have any involvement in the PCN training and examination processes.

Some certificate holders are looking for assurances from BINDT that the same situation will not reoccur once they have regained certification.

BINDT is continually working to ensure PCN training and examinations are performed to a very high standard of integrity and quality, exceeding the requirements of international standards such as EN ISO 9712.

BINDT-approved organisations are reminded that they are contracted to the BINDT code of ethics and any BINDT-approved organisation found to be conducting themselves in the same or similar manner as NDT International PTE Ltd will be subject to a Certification Panel review and necessary penalties and consequences may apply.

It is emphasised that candidates and PCN certificate holders must abide by the code of ethics detailed in document CP27 (http://www.bindt.org/downloads/CP27.pdf)

To regain certification in the correct way, certificate holders are required to sit full initial examination(s) at another PCN-approved AQB, listed in document PSL/4 (www.bindt.org/downloads/PSL4.pdf).

Please ensure you remain up to date with PCN News for developments.

BINDT will allow candidates until 26 December 2017 to retake the full initial examination before their certification is formally withdrawn. The full initial examinations may be attempted after this six-month grace period, but in such cases this will be following the formal removal of those certificates affected. Candidates will not need to undertake relevant BINDT-approved training unless they fail the relevant examinations (one resit is allowed).

All PCN certificate holders are obliged to abide by the Code of Ethics as detailed in CP27 and have signed a PSL/56A form agreeing to abide by PCN rules and regulations. As a consequence of this, it is the candidate's duty to report any instances of malpractice to BINDT at the time of occurrence. Failure to do so may make the candidate guilty of malpractice by association and could result in the withdrawal of certification.

Certificate holders affected by the withdrawal of NDT International PTE Ltd as an ATO/AQB

A document listing all certificate holders affected by the withdrawal of the ATO/AQB status of NDT International PTE Ltd can be downloaded here.

Letters have been mailed directly to all certificate holders who are named on this list and the individuals are advised to follow the instructions given in the letter and official statement in order to regain their certification.

BINDT is allowing candidates until 26th December 2017 to retake the full initial examination before their certification is formally withdrawn.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT (Revised 23 June 2017)

BINDT takes the reputation of the PCN Scheme very seriously and its responsibility to help end users maintain high levels of safety and reliability is of the utmost importance.

The training and examination processes are required to be performed to very high standards of integrity and quality, exceeding the requirements of international standards such as EN ISO 9712. Therefore, the approval and audit processes that BINDT has put in place are very robust.

However, in investigating a series of allegations and resorting to measures above and beyond those normally deployed (the use of covert investigations), BINDT has uncovered a very widespread and systemic breach of ethics and serious malpractice in the case of NDT International PTE Ltd.

As a result of its thorough investigations, it has no confidence that procedures have been followed and, after careful consideration, BINDT has taken the difficult decision to void all certificates gained through NDT International PTE Ltd.

It is not possible to discriminate between legitimate certificates and invalid certificates and so all certificates will have to be withdrawn without exception.

To regain certification, affected certificate holders are required to sit full initial examination(s) at another PCN-approved AQB. BINDT will allow candidates up to six months to retake the full initial examination before their certification is formally withdrawn. Candidates will not need to undertake relevant BINDT-approved training unless they fail the relevant examinations (one resit is allowed).

BINDT will be corresponding with all affected PCN certificate holders individually regarding this matter.

All affected certificate holders must inform their employer and/or customers that their certification is being withdrawn and explain the reason why so that employers/customers can manage the situation. As is clearly stated in the standard EN ISO 9712 and the PCN general requirements document, the employer shall be responsible for all that concerns the authorisation to operate. If you are self-employed, you are the employer.

BINDT recognises that some of those affected will have gained their certification legitimately and it is with great regret that BINDT has been forced to take this action in order to preserve the integrity and reputation of the PCN Scheme and to continually improve standards.

Anyone seeking compensation for losses incurred due to the actions/malpractice undertaken by NDT International PTE Ltd should address their concerns to NDT International PTE Ltd.

All PCN certificate holders are reminded that they have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics as detailed in CP27

Withdrawal of ATO/AQB
NDT International PTE Ltd has had its ATO and AQB status withdrawn with immediate effect at all of the following locations and sites:
  • Chennai
  • Singapore
  • Trichy
  • Cochin
  • Visag
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Including all ad hoc and remote locations.
All candidates who hold PCN certification as a result of training and examinations conducted at any of the above centres will have their certification withdrawn.

NDT International has the right to appeal this decision.

All PCN certificates issued as a result of training and examinations through NDT international will be withdrawn. PCN will be writing to each candidate advising of the withdrawal and suggested actions to ensure they can quickly be re-examined at another centre.  

The following staff at NDT International PTE Ltd have been banned from working with BINDT or another BINDT approved organisation permanently and had their PCN Certification removed indefinitely:
  • Mr G Venkataraman (PCN Number 309672)
  • Mr Francis Regis Joe (PCN Number 302284)
  • Mr Biju Pappu (PCN Number 325842)
  • Mr Venkaiah Vanka (PCN Number 329274)
  • Ms Lalitha Venkatesh
  • Mr C Thangachariman (PCN Number 333686)
  • Mr Andrew Harvey (aka A J Lourdes) (PCN Number 327730)
  • Mr K Kumaran (PCN Number 317701)
  • Mr R Ganesh (PCN Number 329206)
  • Mr G Narayanaswamy (PCN Number 329278)
  • Mr K V Sivaramakrishnan (PCN Number 313268)
  • Mr P Muthu Kumar (PCN Number 328063)
  • Mr Suman Dey (PCN Number 300332).
The following staff have been banned from working with BINDT or another BINDT approved organisation for a five-year period:

 Name PCN no
  Name PCN no
 V Sivaramakrishnan
  Aniket Ashok Sonawane
 Madan Lal Sharma
   Kumaran Kannan
 Sherin Roopa Nancy
  Arun Kumar Kandasamy
 Satish Naidu Bagadi 325344
  K R P Mahalakshmi
 S Mahesh Nainaganti
  Anamika Roy
 D Roshan Kumar
  Ankita Dutta Chowdhury
 Sharma Varun
  Simul Dey
Shiva Kumar Ramaraj
  Dino Davis
 Venkatesh Srinivasan 320027  Rini Baby
 Melvin Adaikalaraj 319724  P G Shaju
 Thirunavukkarasu Sundar
  Sridhar Yalla
 Roshin Issac Arakal
  Anil Arjun Khond
 Bindhu Varghese Moolan
  Rahul M Pathare
 Ganesh Ramadurai
  Sagar R Jaiswal
 Jamsheed Salahudeen
  Rajeev R Nair
 Narayanaswamy Guruswamy
  D V V Narendra Kumar
 A Rajamani
  Arul Vignesh Punniya Moorthy
 Muhamad Ridwan
  Vediyappa Mudali Govindasamy 
 Mrs Princy Shenny
  P Muthu Kumar D Pandiaraj
 Pruthu Likhankar
  Zuriadah Binti Hilal
 S Anantha lakshmi
 S Karthik Kumar
  Smitha Shaju
 Vinoth Kumar Balasubramanian
  S Janani
 Edwin Antony Raj Selvaraj
  Rama Kuna
 Sankar Ramasundaram
  Bindu Babu
  S Thiruvenkadam

Affected certificate holders can contact alternative AQBs listed in document PSL/4: www.bindt.org/downloads/PSL4.pdf

Suspension of ATO/AQB
  • The ATO approval for PT Pro-Specs, Indonesia, has been suspended with immediate effect.

  • The AQB authorisation and ATO approval for Meena International (Chennai) have been permanently withdrawn.

Suspended certificates
  • K Viswanathan, PCN number 308179 – all certificates suspended from 21 December 2016 for a period of 2 years.
  • S Viswanathan, PCN number 309748 – all certificates suspended from 21 December 2016 for a period of 2 years.
  • K Viswanathan, PCN number 318093 – all certificates suspended from 21 December 2016 for a period of 2 years.

The following certificate holders will not be permitted to work for any BINDT-approved organisation from 3 February 2017 for a period of 12 months:
  • A Kasi Viswanath, PCN number 329870.
  • A Lambie, PCN number 303501.
  • Manimaran Baskaran, PCN number 301723.
  • P Balan, PCN number 209096.
  • Ramalingham Janakaraj, PCN number 328520.
  • Raghavendra Pemmaraju, PCN number 307218.
  • Satish Kumar Dornal, PCN number 334252.
  • T Namasivayam, PCN number 327253.
  • P Sudhir Kumar (please contact BINDT Certification Services for further information).
  • Marudiah Jeyakandan (please contact BINDT Certification Services for further information).
Withdrawn certificates:
  • PCN number 308375 (individual) – Radiographic Testing certificate.
  • PCN number 300145 (individual) – Radiographic Testing certificate.
  • PCN number 212097 (individual) – Radiographic Testing certificate
  • R Ranjit Joshi, PCN number 306461 – all certificates withdrawn from 27 July 2016 for a period of 2 years.
  • R Rajakumar, PCN number 203178 – all certificates withdrawn from 27 July 2016 for a period of 2 years.
  • K Viswanathan, PCN number 318093 – PCN certification suspended from 21 December 2016 for a period of 2 years.
  • S Viswanathan, PCN number 309748 – PCN certification suspended from 21 December 2016 for a period of 2 years.

PCN Registered Update Scheme

The British Institute of NDT offers the means for companies and individuals to ensure that all PCN documentation that they hold is current, as any updates to standards and processes may affect certification. A company/individual can register and automatically receive, on a quarterly basis, all current PCN documents on a USB stick.

The obvious saving of time, plus the security of knowing that your documentation is up to date, makes this service indispensable to the quality-conscious company for a reduced annual fee of £145.00 (plus VAT for UK-based customers). An uncontrolled copy of the USB stick containing all PCN documents is available at £50.00 plus VAT.

Further information is available from BINDT Certification Services, tel: +44 (0)1604 438300 or email: pcn@bindt.org

Verification of PCN NDT certification

From time to time, instances of inaccurate statements concerning PCN certification do arise. Very rarely, users of certificated personnel may be presented with fraudulent certificates and/or wallet cards.

All employers, agencies and users of NDT personnel are encouraged to seek verification of PCN certification online at: www.bindt.org/pcn. To search, please enter the name or PCN number (do not enter both).

Alternatively, the new PCN Verifier app can be downloaded at: www.bindt.org/publications/ndt-apps
PCN NDT certification data is updated in real time as a new qualification is issued. This also includes PCN CM certification.

Condition monitoring renewal applications

CM certificate holders are reminded that issue 01 certificates can be renewed by the paperwork method in place of the recertification examination, subject to criteria being met.

Information can be found by referring to document reference CP16-CM, which is available to download from the condition monitoring document download page on the BINDT website: www.bindt.org/downloads/CP16CM.pdf

Working Group call out

BINDT is looking for volunteers that are interested in being part of NDT technical working groups to develop/update PCN certification schemes in time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) and ultrasonic phased array (PA) methods.

Volunteers should (but are not limited to) represent industry, training and examination.

Meetings will take place at least quarterly and refreshments will be provided. Locations will be agreed at a later date.

If you feel you have the knowledge and time to dedicate to the development of these PCN schemes, BINDT would like to hear from you. 

For further information or to register your interest, contact Jennifer Cook, email: jennifer.cook@bindt.org, or Patrick Boulton, email: patrick.boulton@bindt.org, or tel: +44 (0)1604 438249.

Approved PCN stamps

BINDT offers candidates the opportunity to purchase an approved form of stamp, which, when used in support of the usual signature, will positively identify the PCN certificate holder reporting the results of tests or authorising NDT instructions and procedures.

Two models of stamp are available:
  • Self-inking stamp.
 Approximate dimensions: 95 x 50 x 40 mm. Cost: £27.00 plus VAT.
You can now include your PCN methods and levels – prices start at £28.00 plus VAT. 
Please note that this cost depends upon the amount of information to be added. For further pricing information please contact us by emailing: pcn@bindt.org
  • Rubber stamp.
 Requires separate ink pad (not supplied). Approximate dimensions: 70 x 30 x 25 mm. Cost: £21.00 plus VAT.
  • New! Coloured ink pads for self-inking stamps.
 Now available in red, green or blue at a cost of £3.00 including VAT.
A postage fee of £2.50 per stamp is added for delivery to UK addresses and a fee of £5.00 is added for airmail carriage to other destinations. Anticipated time from receipt of order to delivery is
10-14 working days.

The resulting graphic for both models measures 30 x 20 mm and includes the PCN logo, the surname and initials and PCN number of the holder. Reference is provided to www.bindt.org/pcn, where the status of PCN certification can be found by searching the name or PCN number of the stamp holder.

For an order form and further information on approved PCN stamps, see PCN document PSL/66, which can be found at: www.bindt.org/Certification/pcn-news/PCN-Stamps/

ISO 9001-approved organisations – Implementation of ISO 9001:2015

It is the responsibility of any BINDT-approved, authorised or certificated organisation to advise the BINDT Certification Services Division (CSD) when it is ready for a full recertification assessment for conformance to ISO 9001:2015. It must be noted that the complete process of recertification needs to be concluded before 1 September 2018 and this will require the recertification audit to be completed by 31 May 2018.

Organisations whose quality management system (QMS) is certificated by a certification body (CB) recognised by BINDT should also plan for their assessment and certification transition to be completed by 1 September 2018 at the latest. If in doubt, please contact BINDT Certification Services Division.

Note: BINDT agrees that ATOs and AQBs are not obliged to attain QMS certification through BINDT, but it should be noted that BINDT will only recognise ISO 9001 certification attained through and issued by ISO 17021 CBs that are accredited by accreditation bodies (ABs), which are affiliated to (members of) the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Such CBs will be recognised by BINDT.

BINDT ATOs and PCN AQBs that have not completed the transition by 1 September 2018 will have their approval or authorisation suspended.

The British Institute of NDT is accredited against ISO/IEC 17021 criteria to provide quality management systems certification to the BS EN ISO 9000 series of standards.

Any companies who wish to have their quality management system certificated by BINDT should contact the audits team: audits@bindt.org

ID cards and certificate validity

PCN rules state that a PCN ID card is only valid for 10 years, after which it will need to be renewed.

The PCN rules also state that a certificate is only valid when presented with a wallet ID card bearing the photographic image of the holder. Wallet cards must be valid when presented with the certificate.

BINDT Certification Services will continue to check ID card validity, for example when applications are submitted.

To renew your ID card, please complete and submit form PSL/18, which is available to download from the BINDT website using the following link: www.bindt.org/Certification/pcn-exam-requirements-and-document-download/

PCN Handbooks

Those of you who are studying for a visual testing PCN examination may wish to obtain a copy of the PCN handbooks, which are listed as essential reading material:
  • PCN Classroom Training Handbook – Visual Testing. 

  • PCN Classroom Training Handbook – Product Technology.

The handbooks cost £15.00 each, which includes postage and packing.
If you wish to obtain a copy of either handbook, visit shopBINDT – the online bookstore at: www.bindt.org – or contact BINDT Certification Services, tel: +44 (0)1604 438249 or email: pcn@bindt.org

New PCN AQBs/ATOs and extensions to scope

Contact details for ATOs can be found on the BINDT website at: www.bindt.org/education-and-training/bindt-approved-trainers/
Contact details for AQBs can be found at: www.bindt.org/downloads/PSL04.pdf