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June 2023 – Vol 65 No 6 

Comment, by C Bull

NEWSDESK: New DNV research centre combines deep industrial expertise with test capabilities to enable upscale of hydrogen; Subtera completes machine learning project; Novel radar technique automatically monitors rotor blade manufacturing process

Institute Notices


Parameter measurement of cable lead sealing using an eddy current system,
by Qianqiu Shao and Songhai Fan

Research on a DS-class X-ray film digitisation device and an image enhancement algorithm with 12-bit RAW data,
by Zhigang Lv, Liangliang Li, Peng Wang, Hongxi Wang and Xiaoyan Li

Research on magnetic inversion in alternating current magnetic flux leakage testing,
by Gang Wang, Ce Liang, Huadong Song, Qi Xiao and Yuan Zhong

Arrival-time detection with histogram distance for acoustic emission signals,
by Zhensheng Yang, Handong Xu and Bangping Gu


Classification of internal defects of gas turbine blades based on the discrimination of linear attenuation coefficients,
by Lei Zhang, Bing Li, Lei Chen, Zhongyu Shang and Tongkun Liu


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