This month's Insight

April 2024 – Vol 66 No 4 

Comment, by Professor K Newton

NEWSDESK: Nikon’s AI Reconstruction draws on deep learning to deliver faster, clearer CT scans; Total versatility: flexible test station with cobot


Multi-sensor data fusion reconstruction method for vibration dynamic responses of aerospace structures,
by Yumei Ye, Cheng Chen, Jinchao Ma and Zhangyong Yu

Small-sample fault diagnosis study of rolling bearings based on a residual parameterised convolutional capsule network,
by Jingxuan Chai, Xiaoqiang Zhao and Jie Cao

Object detection algorithm for indoor switchgear components in substations based on improved YOLOv5s,
by Wu Changdong and Liu Rui

A fault diagnosis method for variable speed planetary gearbox based on ADGADF and Swin Transformer,
by Huihui Wang, Zhe Wu, Qi Li, Yanping Cui and Suxiao Cui

Diagnosing simultaneous bearing and misalignment faults in an induction motor using sensor fusion,
by M S Safizadeh and R Dardmand


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