This month's Insight

January 2020 – Vol 62 No 1 

Comment, by J Hansen

NEWS DESKAutomatic defect recognition in digital radiography based on artificial intelligence

: Professor William McEwan

SPECIAL FEATURE: Novel Applications

Discussion on the characterisation of hydrogen embrittlement based on eddy current signals,

by Haiting Zhou, Dongdong Ye, Jianjun Chen, Qiang Wang and Xinwei Fan

Classification of catenary equipment based on a coupled genetic algorithm-extreme learning machine method,

by Changdong Wu

Detecting pneumatic actuator leakage using acoustic emission monitoring,

by H Mahmoud, P Mazal and F Vlašic

A fast numerical method for the analytical model of pulsed eddy current for pipelines,

by Zhian Xue, Mengbao Fan, Binghua Cao and Dongdong Wen

A novel bevel gear fault diagnosis method based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition and support vector machines,

by Sun Yanqiang, Chen Hongfang, Shi Zhaoyao and Tang Liang

Dynamic balancing of a two-plane rotor without phase angle measurement using the amplitude subtraction method,

by A R Bhende


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