This month's Insight

January 2021 – Vol 63 No 1 

Comment, by Dr I Baillie

NEWSDESK: Highest magnetic field for nuclear magnetic resonance in the UK 
achieved at University of Warwick

OBITUARY: Russell Lumb



A proposed radar method for non-destructive investigation of 
Egyptian pyramids,

by S Ivashov, T D Bechtel, V Razevig, L Capineri and M Inagaki

Limited-angle ultrasonic tomography back-projection imaging,

by C Hoyle, M Sutcliffe, P Charlton, S Mosey and I Cooper

Prediction of reflection amplitudes for ultrasonic inspection of rough 
planar defects,

by S G Haslinger, M J S Lowe, R V Craster, P Huthwaite and F Shi

Predicting the remaining useful life in the presence of the regime-switching 
behaviour of health index using distance-based evidence theory,

by S Ramezani, A Moini, M Riahi and A C Marquez

Design and development of a data acquisition system to monitor comfort and 
safety in railways,

by J D Cano-Moreno, J M Mera Sanchez de Pedro, M Rodríguez Villagrá and 
R Gil González


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