This month's Insight

April 2019 – Vol 61 No 4 

Comment, Dr C Lane

Inspecting boiler tube welds using an ultrasonic phased array 
solution instead of radiography


Ultrasonic testing of laboratory samples representing monopile wind turbine foundations,

by D A Gunn, S J Holyoake, B A J Dashwood, P B Wilkinson, C R Brett, 
H C Wallis, W Leman and J G Rees

Validation and calibration of computer-simulated probability of detection curves 
from ultrasonic inspection,

by M Burrowes, G R Pereira and L M Tavares

High-resolution imaging of flaws in copper finned-tube heat exchangers using 
the ultrasonic IRIS technique,

by W Sharatchandra Singh, D Suresh and C K Mukhopadhyay

Determination of the influence of post-heat treatment on the second phase of 
Al 2219-T6 alloy using the ultrasonic non-linear measurement technique,

by Jun You, Yunxin Wu, Hai Gong, A S Ahmad and Yang Lei

Risk assessment of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) under hesitant 
fuzzy information,

by Yuan Liu, Gong-Tian Shen, Zhang-Yan Zhao and Zhan-Wen Wu

Instant dynamic response measurements for crack monitoring in metallic beams,

by Behzad Ahmed Zai, Muhammad A Khan, Asif Mansoor, Sohaib Z Khan and 
Kamran A Khan


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