This month's Insight

October 2020 – Vol 62 No 10 

Comment, by Dr R Chapman

New world-leading research facility for lab-based X-ray 
computed tomography; Jacobs deploys scientific breakthrough in 
radioactive and hazardous substance contamination monitoring


An improved quality assessment of fuel pin end plug welds using digital 
X-ray radiography
by T Saravanan, S Mahadevan and C K Mukhopadhyay

Mechanical effect on electrical conductivity of magnetic materials

by Fuchen Zhang, Hongmei Li and Ruiqing Jia

Identification of bolt anchorage defects based on Elman neural network 
optimised by improved chicken swarm optimisation algorithm

by Weiguo Di, Mingming Wang, Xiaoyun Sun, Guang Han and 
Hui Xing

Comparative study of 36 mm-diameter rope in five aerial ropeway 
installations using a non-destructive method

by D Basak and S Waghmare

Novel method of data compression for the online detection signal of coal 
mine wire rope

by Tian Jie, Wang Hongyao, Meng Guoying, Sven Bilen and Wu Xinli


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