This month's Insight

May 2019 – Vol 61 No 5 

Comment, Professor K Newton

Detecting defects with thermography during the additive 
manufacturing process

SPECIAL FEATURE: Acoustic Emission

Acoustic emission and infrared thermography studies during drilling of 
Al-5%SiC-5%B4C hybrid metal matrix composite,

by K Thirukkumaran, C K Mukhopadhyay, T K Haneef and S Bagavathiappan

Acoustic emission characterisation of specimen surface-area-to-volume ratio 
during immersion quenching,

by B Mojškerc, J Grum and T Kek    

One sensor source localisation of acoustic emissions in thin plates using mode 

by K Jeong and K-J Park    

Robustness analysis of the FFT-based segmentation, feature selection and 
machine fault identification algorithm,

by S Gowid, R Dixon, S Ghani and A Shokry     

A method based on support vector machine and vibration analysis for fault 
detection in bevel gears (Case study: differential),

by E Ebrahimi 


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