This month's Insight

February 2023 – Vol 65 No 2 

Comment, by Dr J Watson

NEWSDESK: Steel industry uses gas detection cameras to detect harmful carbon monoxide gas; 200-year-old manufacturer turns to smart technology to drive efficiency


Coating thickness measurement of multilayer ferromagnetic samples based on pulsed eddy current testing technology,
by Dongdong Wen, Songlei Wang, Zhigang Xue and Anbin Hu

Experimental study of different innovative measurement methodologies applied to a canned pulsed eddy current testing probe suitable for dilation measurement of test specimens,
by T V Shyam, A Sharma, V H Patankar, A Kaushik, S K Sinha and L Ferry

Non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes incorporating magnetic memory information,
by Juwei Zhang, Zengguang Zhang and Bo Liu

Study on the steering capability of a meander-line coil EMAT,
by S Hurrell, P Charlton, S Mosey, O Rees-Lloyd and R Lewis


Semantic segmentation of surface defects of smooth parts based on deep convolutional neural networks,
by Huaishu Hou, Runze Zhang, Chaofei Jiao, Zhifan Zhao, Xinchong Fang, Jinhao Li and Dachuan Xu


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