This month's Insight

September 2022 – Vol 64 No 9 

Comment, by Mr T O'Hare

NEWSDESK: Waygate Technologies and UK Battery Industrialisation Centre sign Memorandum of Understanding; Jacobs to plan Norway nuclear decommissioning programme





Study of the acoustic emission characteristics of weld cracks in carbon steel pressure vessels,

by Gongtian Shen, Yongna Shen and Yilin Yuan

Acoustic emission signal-based non-destructive testing of carbon content of Pr-Nd alloys,
by Xin-yu Chen, Xin-yu Wu, Fei-fei Liu, Bo-hua Zeng, Yuan-min Tu and Le-le Cao

Radiographic image enhancement based on a triple constraint U-Net network,

by Deyan Yang, Hongquan Jiang, Zhen Liu, Yonghong Wang and Huyue Cheng

Fault diagnosis methods based on a time-series convolution and the comparison of multiple methods,

by Kaiyan Lin, Zhiran Zhou, Dongbo Pan and Yu Zhang 

Deep learning recognition of bolt looseness and axial force compensation of shape memory alloy,

by Genshang Wu, Xinyao Sun, Shuanghui Hao, XianFeng Yan and YiTao Zhao


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