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April 2020 – Vol 62 No 4 

Comment, by Professor I Cooper

NEWS DESKOvercoming the limitations of conventional ultrasound sensors 
in NDT with proprietary and novel thin-film technology; Integrated sensors 
secure and monitor manufacturing of thick-walled CFRP structures


Correction of B-scan distortion for optimum ultrasonic imaging of backwalls 
with complex geometries,
by S Davì, C Mineo, C MacLeod, S G Pierce, A Gachagan, S Paton, G Munro, 
J O’Brien-O’Reilly and C McCubbin

Ultrasonic velocity tomography for inspecting the condition of a bridge pylon,
by Sheng-Hsiung Hsieh, Helsin Wang, Chih-Hsin Hu and Chung-Yue Wang

Ultrasonic algorithms for calculating probe separation distance, combined 
with full matrix capture with the total focusing method,
by C Hoyle, M Sutcliffe, P Charlton, S Mosey and M Weston

Time-domain topological energy imaging with ultrasonic Lamb waves 
considering multiple defects,
by Wenfa Zhu, Yujie Zhang, Guopeng Fan, Haiyan Zhang and Shao Wei

Detection of near-surface defects in rails combining Green’s function retrieval 
of ultrasonic diffuse fields and sign coherence factor imaging,
by Haiyan Zhang, Mintao Shao, Guopeng Fan, Hui Zhang and Wenfa Zhu


Influence of electrical and thermal ageing on the mineral insulating oil 
performance for power transformer applications,

by C Ranga, A Kumar and R Chandel

A new gearbox compound fault recognition approach based on improved 
double wavelet packet transform,
by Xiaoni Dong, Dongqin Fan, Guangrui Wen, Xiaodong Zhang and Zhifen Zhang


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