This month's Insight

August 2020 – Vol 62 No 8 

Comment, by Professor L Gelman

NEWS DESKMeasuring separator sand levels in explosive atmospheres; 
National Engineering Policy Centre identifies challenges for the development 
of autonomous systems

SPECIAL FEATURE: Condition Monitoring

A rolling bearing fault diagnosis method based on fastDTW and 
by Shang Zhiwu, Liu Xia, Li Wanxiang, Gao Maosheng and Yu Yan

A non-contact method for estimating the pre-tension of a rectangular 
membrane structure,
by Dong Li, Zhi-Chao Lai, Ying Wang and Zhou-Lian Zheng


Three-dimensional acoustic emission source localisation in concrete 
based on sparse least-squares support vector regression,
by Yan Wang, Lijun Chen, Na Wang, Jie Gu and Zhaozhu Wang

Spectral analysis for crack detection during TIG welding using acoustic 
emission techniques,
by Xing Meng, M Papaelias and G Melton

Chatter prediction based on operational modal analysis and an adaptive 
complex Morlet filter,
by Kai Yang, Guofeng Wang and Kaile Ma

An improved design of shear horizontal guided wave electromagnetic 
acoustic transducer,
by Xu Zhang, Sheng Feng, Jun Tu and Xiaochun Song


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