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BINDT's video – ‘The Unseen World of NDT’ – is available on DVD, YouTube and right here (below).

Aimed primarily at young people, to encourage them to consider a career in NDT, the video also fulfils the important functions of raising the awareness of NDT in the public domain, focusing on why NDT is carried out and, at the same time as educating and informing, is also entertaining.

The main video is supplemented by other shorter films going into 12 different aspects and applications of the main theme.

Free copies of the DVD are available from BINDT on request. Email:

Also below ...
PCN Certification Webinar, Part 1: April 2017

Also below ...
NDT2014 Annual British Conference on NDT, Plenary Lectures, Wedensday 10 September 2014, Manchester.

The Unseen World of NDT

Other BINDT Videos

BINDT - Petrol and NDTBINDT - Petrol and NDT
RailwaysBINDT - Railways and NDT
FairgroundBINDT - Fairground Rides and NDT
BINDT - Cars and NDTBINDT - Cars and NDT
SafetySafety and NDT
BINDT - Power Stations and NDTBINDT - Power Stations and NDT
BINDT - Aerospace and NDTBINDT - Aerospace and NDT
BINDT - The Future of NDTBINDT - The Future of NDT
BINDT - Training and Careers in NDTBINDT - Training and Careers in NDT
BINDT - Bridges and NDTBINDT - Bridges and NDT
BINDT - Food and NDTBINDT - Food and NDT
BINDT - Lifeboats and NDTBINDT - Lifeboats and NDT
SinclairAir Tightness Testing: the ATTMA Registration Scheme - how it will work, by Cameron Sinclair, CEO, BINDT
NicholsonAir tightness testing schemes: the Government view, by Anthea Nicholson, DCLG
Basen The view of LABC, by Doug Basen, LABC
ShewanA view from a BINDT scheme member, by Glenn Shewan
CoxonIntroduction to the new ATTMA Air Tightness Testing Scheme, by Rob Coxon
CheesemanThe ATTMA Scheme - becoming a non-simple building tester, by Ben Cheeseman
QAATTMA Launch Event Q&A Session
DunhillA landscape for the future of NDT in the UK economy - the Materials KTN Report, by Prof Tony Dunhill
McGrathThe future for NDT is bright. Can we make it brighter? by Dr Bernard McGrath, AMEC Commercial
DowellNDT from the customer's perspective, by Mark Dowell, IMechE
Certification Webinar1Certification Webinar Part 1. April 2017
NDT CM 2023 conferenceNDT and CM 2023 Annual Conference
NDT CM 2023 Showcase DayBINDT 60th Annual Conference Showcase day
NDT 2023 and CM 2023 Conference Dinner and Awards EveningNDT 2023 and CM 2023 Conference Dinner and Awards Evening