(Relevant to BINDT Certification Services) 

BINDT Certification Services is a separate department within the internal structure of the British Institute of NDT (BINDT), and is often referred to as the Certification Services Division, abbreviated CSD. The dominant committee for the purpose of regulating the affairs and methods of working of the CSD is the Certification Management Committee (CMC). Up to eleven of the members of the CMC are appointed by the Council of the BINDT, with the remainder being co-opted to represent the interests of their sector of industry, and these latter committee members are not (necessarily) members of BINDT.

In order to provide for industry sector technical input to the development and maintenance of specific certification products and services, the CMC establishes Industry Sector Working Groups. These WG are established on an ad hoc basis and are given terms of reference for their specific tasks. A WG Convener and CSD Liaison Officer is appointed to manage and support the task(s) assigned by the CMC. When their tasks are completed, these ad hoc WG are disbanded, but may be resurrected and reconvened for product/system maintenance or further development tasks as required. The organisation of BINDT staff and committees responsible for the management and administration of BINDT Certification Services has been arranged in conformance with two international standards*, ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC 17024.

The terms of reference for the CMC is published as PCN/01, and a generic terms of reference for Industry Sector Ad Hoc WG is published as PCN/02. Both of these documents are available for download.

*Applicable standards:
EN ISO/IEC 17021 General requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems
EN ISO/IEC 17024 General requirements for bodies operating certification systems of persons

(updated 2009-05-05)