Outside Agency Approvals

Certification Services Division 

The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority's Airworthiness Notice No.94 (AN 94) was completely revised in March 1999 to recognise the principle of Industry-based personnel qualification and approval under BS EN 4179:2000 and to introduce the position of the Nominated Level 3.

The CAA acceptance of Industry-based Schemes is based on recognition of the expertise of Organisations to develop and administer training and certification schemes appropriate to their operations. Since this recognition was enshrined in the 1999 edition of AN 94, smaller organisations with no internal capability or expertise have contracted to provide EN 4179 training schemes. CAA surveillance visits have found instances of lack of independent QA oversight of contracted functions, together with variations in the level of technical supervision provided.

For this reason, amongst others, the CAA decided to strengthen the provisions of AN 94. As the original content of the Notice remains valid, the CAA proposed to publish an Addendum rather a complete revision in order to keep changes to a minimum.

Oversight of Technical Supervision
Where an Organisation uses its internal expertise and resources to operate and maintain an EN 4179-based scheme, then this remains acceptable under the Notice.

Where an Organisation decides to employ an external agency to provide EN 4179 support, then that Agency must be subject to audit under the contracting Organisation's documented quality system to ensure that compliance with the requirements of Notice No 94 is demonstrated.

Where an external agency is approved under the BINDT Outside Agency Scheme, then the contracting Organisation may take due regard of this when planning audit activity.

Where an Organisation does not possess the internal resource or technical competence to carry out such an audit, then personnel training and examinations will need to be carried out by a BINDT approved Outside Agency.

BINDT Outside Agencies
Organisations seeking to become Approved Outside Agencies may apply to the Certification Services Division of BINDT. The criteria for approval of Outside Agencies is published in BINDT document OAQS1. The approval process involves an audit of the applicant organisation by a BINDT appointed Assessor. Organisations that have satisfied all prerequisites for approval under the scheme will be formally approved by BINDT to deliver specified services, including the provision of NDT Level 3 services, and for qualification of NDT personnel against EN 4179 and other criteria.

Further information on Outside Agency approval can be obtained from audits@bindt.org