Sector (or sectoral) Scan 

S-Scan refers to a Sector (or sectoral) Scan which is produced when a phased array is used to electronically sweep an ultrasonic beam through a range of angles. The data collected is displayed as a B-scan image which shows the angular segment covered by the beam. See image.

The probe generally stays in one place as the beam is scanned and the index point moves along the shoe as the angle is increased.

The S-Scan is a particularly powerful tool when the available surface for scanning is limited, allowing the inspection volume to be covered with the sound beam.

For more information on S-scan see:
'Resolving capabilities of phased array sectorial scans (S-Scans) on diffracted tip signals', by J M Davis and M Moles, Insight Vol 48 No 4, pp 233-239, April 2006.

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