Dual Matrix Array 

DMADual Matrix Array is an ultrasonic phased array configuration that has two adjacent matrix transducer arrays.

A matrix array is a 2D array with the elements arranged in a Cartesian coordinate system. Such an arrangement allows the ultrasonic array to electronically steer and focus the beam in two planes, rather than the single plane for a linear array. When configured as a dual matrix array and operating in a transmit-receive longitudinal (TRL) mode, this ability removes the need for a wedge roof angle as required for a dual linear array (DLA) (see last month’s ‘What the Hec?!’) operating in TRL mode. It also allows greater flexibility in the extent to which the beam can be skewed.

The benefits of a DMA can be utilised in a number of applications, but especially in the inspection of coarse-grained materials such as stainless steel welds.

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