Quality Management System 

QMS – To understand the term Quality Management System it is necessary to step back and look at some other definitions.
Quality is the conformance of any product or service to agreed requirements. When delivering a product or service, the top management in a company will describe the intentions and the direction of the company with regard to quality in a Quality Policy. The production and implementation of the quality policy is achieved through Quality Management ie all the activities of the management function related to quality.

Quality Management is implemented through a QMS, which includes the organisational structure, responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources.

The international ISO 9000 series of standards gives guidance on and the requirements for Quality Management Systems. The most recent standard gives a process approach to the QMS. The figure gives the model of the process-based quality management system which is described in the standard. What has been omitted from this figure is the ongoing continual improvement activity which is necessary to maintain the system.

For more information on QMS see:
BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems. Requirements
BS EN ISO 9004:2000 Quality management systems. Guidelines for performance improvements

Ask to see your company's Quality Policy. What do you think?

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