New membership benefits


The British Institute of NDT (BINDT) has entered into an agreement with the Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA), whereby HMCA will offer BINDT members and their families its range of medical health cover and related products.

HMCA is a specialist in offering voluntary benefits exclusively to members of professional and trade associations and membership groups. The plans are available exclusively to members and are not available to the general public, ensuring and maintaining competitive rates for members and their families.

BINDT has had a long association with HMCA, whose mailing division has proven a reliable and trusted supplier of mail fulfilment services for the Institute’s publications over many years.

Under the terms of the agreement, members of BINDT in all grades will be able to benefit from the following:
  • Medical Care Plan
    The HMCA Medical Care Plan offers no moratorium and no waiting period for transfers before eligible claims are payable. Members are given hospital choice, no exclusions for sports activities, overseas cover and special guaranteed transfer facility. No health questions are asked and no medical examination is required.

  • Dental Plan
    Whether members have a private or NHS dentist, the HMCA Dental Plan allows them to choose the dentist of their choice. This covers hospital and day case treatment. Eligibility covers ages 0-78 for members, their spouses and their family.

  • HMCA Breakdown Recovery Club
    The HMCA Breakdown Recovery Club takes the worry out of driving for individuals and companies. Included in the package is roadside assistance and either home or destination recovery. There is a 50% discount for a second car and priority is given to lone female drivers. There are no age restrictions on vehicles and a home start option is also included.

  • HMCA single- and multi-trip travel
    HMCA provides a flexible package to cover overseas holidays and non-manual business trips for either the individual traveller or the family. This includes comprehensive cover at competitive prices with a first-class claims handling service to offer further peace of mind.

  • Income protection plan
    If you were to find yourself unable to work due to accident or illness, could you afford to keep up with your financial commitments while you recover? Income Protection Plus from HMCA provides members with a tailored plan that pays a regular income should they find themselves in this situation.

BINDT members who become an annual HMCA Medical Care Plan member will receive a 40% discount and guaranteed acceptance.

Members may transfer to HMCA at any age without a medical examination, with no break in protection and with a fourteen-day money-back guarantee. Upon joining the plan, members will receive a £50 M&S gift card. In addition to this, the plan now includes personal accident cover at no additional cost.

The plan offers the following features:
  • Transfer facility available for members of an existing plan with no break in cover;
  • Free medical helpline available 24/7 to provide help and support for any questions or queries;
  • Additional range of benefits available upon subscribing to any of the plans;
  • Personal service provided by a trained helpline team; and
  • First-class claims handling service providing efficient and prompt settlement of claims.

BINDT members can enquire online at: or by telephone: +44 (0)1423 799949.

For more information on these benefits, please click here to download a flyer.

Please note:
  • HMCA offers the plans on an optional and voluntary basis.
  • The Medical Care Plan is only available to members resident in the UK.
  • HMCA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All underwriters provide cover under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
  • The products and services offered are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by BINDT.