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Non-Destructive Testing – The science of safety? 

The thrill of the theme park is guaranteed to scare every one of us who dares get onboard. Whizzing around corners, high-speed drops into the darkness and being shot into the air – only to be brought back down to earth – all leave us with our hearts in our mouths and our stomachs anywhere other than where they were intended to be! Yet despite the thrill of being subjected to such strange forces, deep down – really deep down – we know we are going to be safe.

When we drive our car, travel on a train, fly by plane, or even ride our bicycles, we expect the structure to be properly built and not to fail in any way.

When we travel over a bridge, or drive by a power station, or walk into a building, we don't expect it to collapse or blow up.

What we expect is that the components that make up all these examples are quality products, which are flawless and capable of doing the job they were designed to do, without causing harm to those of us who depend on them.

And this is where The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) comes in. BINDT is the professional institute for all those engaged in the applied science of non-destructive testing, condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering and all other materials and quality testing disciplines. We will be delighted to provide further information and will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you by discussing NDT/CM and its career prospects, simply email: