Hierarchical Data Format 5 

.HDF5 Hierarchical Data Format 5 is a type of file format. It is typically open-source and self-describing, meaning that for NDT it contains the inspection data and context of the data, for example the component drawing, the flaw detector array channel model, etc, within one main file. Therefore, one data file can act as a mini database, capable of storing and updating inspection data for a particular component over its lifetime and remaining useable in the future without the need for legacy software or 

BINDT’s Full Matrix Capture (FMC) User Group has recommended that .HDF5 is developed as the common data format for ultrasonic testing phased array inspections that use FMC. Other research and industry groups have taken this even further, recommending that data from all NDT inspection methods (eddy current, radiography, etc) is to be stored in .HDF5, similar to the principles of the DICONDE standard format, in line with NDT 4.0 
aspirations. To achieve this, the NDT community would need to come together to agree on a common file structure.

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