Hualong Pressurised Reactor 1000 

HPR-1000Hualong Pressurised Reactor 1000 is China’s latest design of pressurised water reactor (PWR), produced by the merger of reactor designs from China General Nuclear (CGN) and the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). HPR-1000 is classified as a generation III+ reactor, due to design improvements over the previous designs, and it has a nominal net electrical power output of about 1150 MWe and a 60-year design life.

The fifth and sixth units at Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, in Fujian province, will be the first reactors of the HPR-1000 to be constructed. Construction of the first of two units is also underway at the Fangchenggang site, in Guangxi province. It has been proposed that the HPR-1000 be built in Pakistan and Argentina.

The HPR-1000 is currently being considered for construction in the UK at Bradwell, Essex.

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