Visible Impact Damage and Clearly Visible Impact Damage 

VID/CVIDVisible Impact Damage and Clearly Visible Impact Damage are the names given to damage in composite material (for example CFRP), caused by impacts on the component, which can be reliably detected by visual examination.

The FAA Advisory Circular no 20-107B defines five categories of damage for aircraft composites. BVID, which is at the limit of reliable visual detection, corresponds to Category 1 damage. VID is defined as impact damage that can be reliably detected by planned or directed visual inspections and corresponds to Category 2 damage. However, reliable detection of some Category 2 damage may be carried out with more advanced NDI methods. CVID is defined as large impact damage, which is obvious damage and can be reliably detected within a few flights of occurrence by personnel without special skills in composite inspection. CVID corresponds to Category 3 damage.

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