EngTech – Engineering Technician is a professional title for technicians who apply proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems.

As with CEng and IEng (see last month’s What the Hec?!), the Engineering Council (EC) holds the national register of EngTech and the title can only be used by individuals currently on the national register.

As a Licensed Member of the Engineering Council, BINDT can assess the suitability of members for admission to the EC Register as EngTech. To register as an Engineering Technician you must be, or become, an Associate Member of BINDT (AMInstNDT). A candidate applying for entry or transfer to the Associate grade must meet the following requirements: (i) possess a PCN Level 2 or other equivalent national or international certificate; and (ii) have a minimum of 3 years’ combined training and experience in the practice of NDT or a related technology.

Once a candidate holds, as a minimum, Associate Membership of BINDT and a PCN Level 2 certificate, the individual is eligible for direct entry (without interview) to register as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) with the Engineering Council by application through BINDT.

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