Licence Condition 28 

LC28Licence Condition 28 is just one of the conditions which have to be met before a licence to build and operate a nuclear facility is awarded by the Health and Safety Executive.

These licence conditions define areas of nuclear safety to which a licensee should pay attention to ensure the safe operation of the site. Some conditions impose specific duties and others require the licensee to devise and implement adequate arrangements in particular areas. The issues covered by the licence conditions range from arrangements for ensuring the safety of plant and for controlling operations to management issues, such as the supervision and training of staff. A breach of a licence condition is an offence.

LC28 is the condition which relates to NDT and it requires the licensee to make and implement adequate arrangements for the regular and systematic examination, inspection, maintenance and testing of all plant which may affect safety. LC28 also requires that every examination, inspection, maintenance and test is carried out: by suitably qualified and experienced persons; in accordance with schemes laid down in writing; within the interval specified in the plant maintenance schedule; and under the control and supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person, appointed by the licensee for that purpose.

A full and accurate report of every examination, inspection, maintenance or test of any part of plant is required by LC28. The report shall indicate the date of the examination, inspection, maintenance or test and be signed by the suitably qualified and experienced person appointed by the licensee to control and supervise such an examination, inspection, maintenance or test.

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