Buyers' Guide

Guide to the Market Place 

Depending on what you know and what you are seeking, you can use this indispensable reference guide to rapidly access useful information on equipment and service providers who are Corporate Members of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. This information is categorised into the following main sections:

Providers of NDT Equipment, accessories and consumables
Service Inspection Companies
Condition Monitoring Equipment Providers
Condition Monitoring Service Inspection
Education & Training Establishments
Research Organisations

The first three of these groups are arranged in handy Buyers' Guide format, further classified into standard product/service method codes. Having identified the appropriate method(s), you can go to the Buyers' Guide Tables to select equipment providers or service inspection companies that are listed under the method(s) of interest. Simply click on the method code of interest to go straight to the appropriate companies listed. To find our more about those organisations, simply click on the names.

The fourth, fifth and sixth groups, Education & Training Establishments, Research Organisations and Register of Independent Consultants, are arranged in alphabetical sequence for easy reference. Here you can find address, telephone, telefax and Internet details – and hot links where appropriate.

A full list of Corporate Members of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing is given separately. If you need quick access to the telephone or telefax number of a known Corporate Member company, this is the place to go.