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a - Acoustic Emission Methods (AE)
a1 - Airborne Ultrasonics
a2 - Noise Analysis
e - Electric Motor Insulation and Signature Analysis
f - Flow Rate Monitoring
f1 - Flow
f2 - Orifice Restriction
i - Infrared Thermography
i1 - Thermometry
l - Lubrication Management
l1 - On-line Oil Condition Monitoring
l2 - Off-line Oil Condition Analysis
l3 - Water-in-Oil Analysis
l4 - Hydraulic Fluid Analysis
l5 - On-line Debris Analysis
l6 - Off-line Debris Analysis
o - Optical Monitoring
o1 - Detection Systems
o2 - Alignment Systems
o3 - Interferometry
p - Pressure Monitoring
p1 - On-line
p2 - Off-line
t - Temperature Monitoring
t1 - On-line
t2 - Off-line
v - Vibration Analysis
z - Other methods