QMS Certification

Certification Services Division 

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification – provided by The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing for NDT service providers and NDT training organisations
As an accredited certification body, The British Institute of NDT is involved on a continual basis with the assessment and surveillance of the quality management systems of those organisations approved to conduct PCN examinations and provide PCN approved training. The Institute is also accredited to offer assessment and certification of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) of organisations involved in providing NDT services, whether they be training on site, testing in a laboratory or on site, or the provision of level 3 services.

The benefits of QMS certification
Gaining Quality Management System (QMS) certification is not easy, but the rewards can be great. A good QMS can reduce costs incurred through rework, supplier control, staff turnover and lack of effective procedures. A good QMS will improve communication and motivation within your company.

Certification of your QMS inspires the confidence of your clients and makes them feel secure in dealing with you. This is especially the case where they themselves operate in accordance with the criteria of the international standard.

You will also find that your products and services are more widely and readily accepted without audit by Regulatory Bodies and Quality Assurance Authorities, and your company will be included on published lists of approved tenderers and suppliers.

However, it can be daunting when setting out to design and implement a quality system, especially if you have to start with a blank sheet of paper, and it is not unreasonable to question the value of such an exercise. If you would like to discuss the cost of PCN certification of Quality Management Systems, assessments, registration, or any other aspect of PCN activities, we would be pleased to invite you to visit our offices in Northampton.