Engineering Technician Registration

Improve your prospects for promotion and open up new career opportunities 

The Engineering Council Working Group (ECWG), which is a sub-committee of the BINDT's Membership Qualification and Education Committee (MQ&E), has recently conducted a matching exercise between the requirements of the Engineering Council's UK Specification for Engineering Technicians (EngTech) and the requirements of Associate (from 01/01/2016) Membership and PCN Level 2 Certificate holders.

The results of this matching exercise, which has now been approved by Engineering Council, are as follows:
If a candidate holds, as a minimum, Associate Membership of BINDT and a PCN Level 2 certificate, the individual is now eligible for direct entry (without interview) to register as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) with the Engineering Council by application through BINDT.

For a limited period BINDT, as an introductory offer, is cutting the total cost of application for EngTech Registration.

Click on the links below to download further information:

Engineering Technician Registration for Associate Members, click here.
Engineering Technician Registration for Non-Associate Members, click here.