Resonant inspection

What is NDT? 

Resonant inspection operates by analysing the natural whole-body resonances of a component. This means that an entire component can be inspected in one test for defects, material properties, dimensions, shape and coatings.

The dimensions and stiffness of a component determine its natural resonant frequencies. Changes in either dimensions or stiffness will therefore affect the resonant frequencies. The elastic properties of the material of the component, as well as the presence of defects, will affect the stiffness of the component, so any condition that will affect the stiffness or the dimensions of a component will therefore affect the resonances, and therefore be theoretically detectable.

It is particularly suited to automation in component manufacturing, and can provide a high-speed automated inspection.

By automating the inspection processes, human errors can be eliminated, thereby considerably increasing the reliability of any manual-based inspection.

RI is particularly suitable for inspecting ceramics and sintered products.