Standards that affect your PCN Certificate

Certification Services Division 

In order to ensure the widest possible recognition and acceptance of PCN certification, the PCN Scheme seeks to gain and maintain compliance with International and European standards relating to the competence of personnel. The following is the list of standards that we seek to comply with.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) have collaborated with Technical Committee CEN/TC 135 "Non-destructive testing" and Technical Committee CEN/TC 138 "Non-Destructive Testing" to prepare document EN ISO 9712:2012. This document was published in June 2012 and supersedes the third edition, ISO 9712:2005 and EN 473:2008 which is now withdrawn.

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ISO/IEC 17024 (1)
General requirements for bodies operating certification systems of persons
ISO 9712 (1, 3)
Non-Destructive Testing – Qualification and Certification of Personnel
EN 473 (1, 3)
ISO 20807 (1, 2)
Qualification of personnel for limited applications of non-destructive testing
ISO 18436 (1)
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines – Accreditation of organisations and training and certification of specialists (a series of standards covering the provision of training and examinations for personnel engaged in one or more condition monitoring technologies)
EN 4179 (4)
Aerospace series – qualification and approval of personnel for non-destructive testing

To demonstrate compliance with the above standards, the PCN Scheme is assessed and accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).
This covers applications such as radiographic interpretation and normal beam UT of plate.
Presently under review by CEN and ISO TC Working Groups that are seeking to harmonise the technical content of these two standards.
The aerospace sector within the PCN Scheme is controlled by the UK National Aerospace NDT Board. PCN aerospace sector certificates continue to be issued in compliance with EN 473, but the scheme documentation has recently been amended to provide compliance with the qualification criteria of EN 4179, which is technically equivalent to AIA-NAS-410. This is intended to provide maximum potential benefit to the employers of aerospace NDT personnel seeking to comply with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) part 21 and part 145 regulations.

ISO 20807 – Inspection of Wrought Plate
Due to some confusion on the newly worded ISO 20807 certificates, PCN will be re-issuing all certificates that previously stated either of the following:
  • Plate (normal beam) ISO 20807 thickness gauging
  • ISO 20807 Inspection of new manufactured plate
The new certificates will state: ISO 20807 – Inspection of Wrought Plate.
It will also state that it does not comply with ISO 9712, as the certificate is issued against ISO 20807 and not EN ISO 9712.
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