An Industry Led Initiative

Certification Services Division 

The policy under which the PCN scheme is operated is determined by an independently constituted Industry Advisory Board with member organisations representing industry and professional societies both within and outside of the UK.

The PCN scheme is designed to set and maintain the highest standards for the proficiency of NDT personnel through independent examination and assessment. It is also designed to meet, as a minimum, the criteria specified in relevant European and international standards. PCN is a world leader and puts the user in a strong position to compete in European and world markets.

The management and administration for the PCN Scheme is provided by The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing from its Northampton headquarters. A Management Committee, nominated by the Institute and approved by the Board, is the managing executive and Governing Board for the scheme. The Management Committee delegates technical functions to sub-committees, also representative of industry, each with a published constitution and terms of reference.

The Institute welcomes the direct involvement of suitably qualified individuals and organisations in the committees that are responsible for various aspects of the PCN Scheme. Any individual or organisation interested in seeking membership of a PCN Board or Committee is encouraged to discuss their interest with Jennifer Cook, email:

Developments to suit changing needs

Examination availability is constantly extending to meet the needs of industry. BINDT is geared to respond rapidly to new demands. If you believe that there is a need for an examination not presently available through BINDT or PCN, please contact the Certification Services Division of BINDT.

If your organisation seeks the benefit of a tailor-made qualification, contact one of the BINDT Authorised Qualifying Bodies directly, as it may be a straightforward matter to set up a job specific or special examination.

When developing new certification products, BINDT seeks the contributions of experts in the particular field of interest. During 2006/7, it is intended to develop qualification and certification schemes for personnel engaged in a variety of testing and inspection tasks, including materials characterisation using impact, tensile, bend, fracture toughness and hardness testing. We would welcome expressions of interest from experts in such fields who would like to contribute to these developments.