Branch Awards

Institute Awards 

The Institute presents the following three Branch awards:
The Tony Lager Award

The Tony Lager Award is awarded for meritorious service to an Institute Branch by an individual.

Details of award: Framed certificate.
Eligibility: Any individual Institute member is eligible.

Nomination arrangements: Branches to nominate. Contributions to the Branch and other Institute activities should be described.
Committee responsible: MQ&E Committee.

A nomination form can be downloaded here.

2019 winner: Bob Naylor

The Tony Lager Award for 2019 is awarded to Bob Naylor.

Bob Naylor started his career in non-destructive testing (NDT) in 1970 at the age of 18 at FH Lloyd (FHL) in Wednesbury in the UK. FHL was a steel foundry making 100 ton+ steel castings, mainly for the power generation industry. The company had a 31 MeV betatron, which at the time was a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. The betatron provided Bob’s entry into NDT as he was fascinated to hear it could X-ray over 12 inches of steel in just a couple of minutes. He spent 15 years at FHL, training and gaining experience at West Bromwich College under the highly regarded teaching capabilities of Brian Jackson, Betty Doo and, latterly, Pete Stevens, long-standing members of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT).

Bob moved to Babcock Construction in 1983 as a multi-qualified NDT Technician working (in the early days) on various power station sites in the UK and Europe. Here, his training and experience were put to good use as he was often working on his own in remote and tight access areas.

Bob is now in his 50th year working in NDT, having only worked for two companies during that time. He is now 68 and, although his days of working on site are over, he is still working full time (although now office-based) at the company he joined in 1983, which is now called Doosan Babcock. However, he says he is looking to retire as soon as the company can replace him!

Bob is married with two grown-up children. His family has supported him throughout his career and he feels he could not have performed the roles he has without their support. Once retired, Bob looks forward to spending more time with his wife doing the things they choose to do. There are lots of places and things to see in the world and he hopes to be able to tick a few off the list.

Bob has been an Institute member since 1973 and took on the role of West Midlands Branch Secretary in 2001, a role he still performs today.

Bob is proud to have chosen NDT as a career in 1983. His career in NDT has been interesting and varied and he would not have missed it for the world!

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The T H Cole Award

The T H Cole Award is presented annually to the Institute Branch with the best percentage increase in membership during the preceding year.

Details of award: Gavel and engraved block held for one year. Also a framed certificate.
Eligibility: All Institute Branches automatically qualify.

Nomination arrangements: Automatic.

Committee responsible: MQ&E Committee.

2019 winner: North American Branch

The winner of the T H Cole Award for 2019 is the North American Branch with a 4.34% increase in individual membership over the year.

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Branch Service Award
The Branch Service Award is awarded for an outstanding contribution to Branches.

Details of award: Framed certificate.
Eligibility: Any Branch member who has made a significant contribution to their Branch.

Nomination arrangements: Branches to nominate. Citation to be submitted to the Secretariat and ratified by the Croxson Committee.
Committee responsible: Croxson Committee.

The Branch Service Award was not awarded in 2020.

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