The Benefits

...of membership 

Individuals joining the Institute as members have access to a range of valuable benefits, including:
Companies joining the Institute as Corporate Members have access to a range of valuable benefits, including:
  • Status – to demonstrate your standing in the engineering profession;
  • Education – to further your knowledge and enhance your career prospects;
  • Information – industry and employment news;
  • Free copy of Insight, the Institute's monthly Journal*;
  • NDT News monthly – Branch bulletin and certification news*;
  • Free BINDT Yearbook*;
  • Free Branch membership;
  • Personal legal helpline;
  • Discounts on books, membership items and other goods;
  • Discounts for attendance at Institute conferences and seminars;
  • Engineers' registration opportunities – CEng, IEng and EngTech;
  • Opportunity to participate in industry committees.
*Online-only copies for Affiliate Members.
  • Recognition for the company as a member of the BINDT community;
  • The opportunity to join the Trade & Industry Committee and provide input to help the Institute function;
  • Access to UK, European and international markets;
  • The opportunity to influence standards and legislative development;
  • Contact with government bodies;
  • Free listing in every issue of the Institute's journal, Insight;
  • Free entry in the Institute's Yearbook, the industry reference source, and online Buyers' Guide;
  • Free marketing on the internet;
  • Discounts for advertising in all Institute publications;
  • Discounts for participating in our biennial Materials Testing exhibitions;
  • Free technical advice;
  • Free legal advice;
  • Monthly publications on technical developments and international contract opportunities;
  • Network of Branches throughout the UK;
  • Display of authorised livery on letterhead and shield for company reception;
  • The opportunity to meet industry peers and exchange views at BINDT events;
  • Discounts for attendance at Institute conferences and seminars;
  • An international network of contacts;
  • Assistance with representation at exhibitions.

Additional benefits currently include:

  • A legal advisory service, which provides access to a team of legal experts offering professionally qualified advice on problems, disputes, claims and worries;
  • Discounted business insurance, including professional indemnity cover;
  • And many more.

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