North American Branch

Institute Branches 

The Institute’s North American Branch was formed at a meeting held at the 2004 ASNT Fall Conference in Las Vegas. The first AGM was conducted in Columbus, Ohio, in October 2005.

Officers were duly nominated and elected as follows:

Mr R T Nisbet

Vice Chair
Mr B Anderson
Mr B E Shannon

Branch Representative to Council
Mr B E Shannon

The Branch is a focus for all BINDT members in this part of the world and now provides a route for Engineering Council registration.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the North American Branch of BINDT is to be held on 19 November 2019, concurrent with the ASNT Fall Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Specifics for the location and time of the meeting will be available at the BINDT booth in the Exhibit Hall.

For further information, contact Ron Nisbet at: Quality Assurance and Training, HSI Group Inc, 3445 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505, USA. Tel: +1 310 517 8700; Email:

If anyone is willing or interested in providing talks to Branches, please contact Cindy Bailey at BINDT ( with an indication of the preferred geographical areas where you could assist.