European and Worldwide Recognition

Certification Services Division 

PCN is signatory to and registered under a European Multilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), which is managed by the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT).

Each certification body recognised under this agreement is accredited by a national accreditation body and has submitted the following documents in support of its application for recognition:
  • A letter of nomination from the national NDT Society of the country in which the scheme is based;
  • A certificate of accreditation;
  • A schedule detailing the scope of its accreditation (e.g. EN ISO 17024, EN ISO 9712, CEN Technical Report – presently document CEN/TC 138 N211, EN 4179, etc).
The EFNDT Working Group on Qualification and Certification (Q&CWG) reviews the evidence submitted in support of an application for registration under the MRA.

Following acceptance of an application by the Q&CWG, it is accepted by all other participating certification bodies that the certificates of competence issued by the recognised certification body meet the minimum requirements of the applicable standards specified in the schedule of accredited scope. Registration certificates and schedules of accreditation defining the scope of compliance are available from the Secretary to the Q&CWG, c/o The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing.

Worldwide Recognition

PCN certification is also widely known and highly respected throughout the industrialised world. PCN certificates are accepted as evidence of competence in a number of countries. If ever any difficulty is experienced in certificate recognition, the British Institute's Certification Services Division is committed to making every effort to secure recognition for the benefit of certificate holders and their employers.

The potential advantage that seeking independent certification through PCN confers (upon the individual when seeking employment anywhere in the world, or upon the company when dealing with overseas purchasers and suppliers specifying the most rigorous quality requirements) can be considerable.

Few, if any, other independent NDT personnel certification schemes offer a similar level of compliance with such a wide number of standards. It goes without saying that the integrity and thoroughness of the PCN certification scheme carries worldwide respect, earning an enviable reputation.