Institute Council


Council is effectively BINDT’s board of directors. All Council members are listed at Companies House as directors and are also listed at The Charity Commission as trustees of the charity. As such, Council members are volunteers and are precluded from being paid by BINDT for their time spent as directors/trustees. This also means that Council members are non-executive directors. To view the constitution and currenmembers of Council, click here.

Council is the ultimate decision-making body for BINDT. Collectively, Council members have responsibility for the governance of BINDT (as a company and as a charity), which means that they have a duty to ensure that BINDT conducts its business in accordance with the BINDT Articles of Association, BINDT Bye-Laws and the law in general (including the Companies Act, the Charities Act, health & safety regulations, etc). Council is accountable to BINDT members.

To discharge these responsibilities, BINDT is of a sufficient size to employ a professional secretariat and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The day-to-day running of BINDT is entrusted to the secretariat.

Reporting to Council, there are a number of committees and working groups that comprise people with specific competence enabling them to provide effective oversight of the secretariat’s activities (day-to-day operations and management of projects) and to take certain carefully delegated decisions on behalf of Council. Council also acts on advice procured from various professional bodies, such as solicitors, accountants, auditors and insurance brokers.

Council has a duty to ensure that:
  • The proceedings of the Institute are conducted democratically
  • Decisions are taken on the basis of the best advice available
  • Decisions are taken for the overall benefit of the Institute in line with its charitable objects
remembering that the Institute is its members and it is the members' Institute.