Factory Acceptance Test 

FAT – Factory Acceptance Test is the final NDT and inspection applied to structures, systems and components (SSCs) before they leave the manufacturer’s site. The objective of the factory acceptance test is to ensure that the SSCs have been manufactured and/or built to the required quality standard(s) and meet the design intent. The requirements of the factory acceptance test will vary depending on the design of the SSCs. This may include a function test to simulate the whole system in operation and may also require checks for compliance to health & safety legislation as well as ergonomics to ensure operator use and access. NDT alone cannot guarantee that the component conforms to all the requirements. In a wider context, the FAT may include verification of contractual requirements, quality assessment of processes and documentation and other relevant tests. FATs may be verified by an independent body.

Many NDT vendors and inspection bodies provide information on FATs on their websites.

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