Quick Response 

QRQuick Response codes are 2D barcodes that are used in everyday life to direct people to websites or particular applications. The image below is an example of this, which when viewed by a smartphone camera will take the user to the BINDT website.

QR codes can typically store more information, making them more versatile than traditional barcodes. As such, they can be used to uniquely identify components in asset management. In non-destructive testing (NDT), the use of QR codes and similar technologies as fiducial markers is being explored to more accurately position inspection equipment using cameras to triangulate position with multiple markers.

For more information on QR see:

Y Wang, A Peyton et al, ‘Fiducial marker-based augmented reality positioning system for non-destructive testing’, Proceedings of the 59th Annual British Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, 6-8 September 2022.

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