Integrated Vehicle Health Management 

IVHMIntegrated Vehicle Health Management encompasses all of the capabilities that allow for the improved management of the health of a vehicle, such as an aircraft or space vehicle, to be achieved. IVHM capabilities include operational data, structural health monitoring (SHM – see ‘What the Hec?!’, October 2010), prognostics (PHM – see ‘What the Hec?!’, November 2015) and condition monitoring (CM – see ‘What the Hec?!’, October 2011).

IVHM is used to improve safety and reliability by ensuring cost-effective operation without unexpected failures. It has two parts: the equipment and sensors for the collection of data and the use of the data to plan operations and maintenance.  

For more information on IVHM see:

For analysis of how IVHM can assist post-damage maintenance and decision-making for aircraft see:
S Thyagarajan and V Gollnick, ‘A decision support model for the composite repair process in a collaborative platform’, Insight: Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring, Vol 60, No 9, p 488-494, September 2018.

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