Basic Radiation Safety 

BRSBasic Radiation Safety – is a qualification that demonstrates that the person holding the qualification has been adequately trained in the hazards associated with ionising radiations, in the precautions to be taken when employing ionising radiation, and in the methods of protection. BRS covers awareness of the content of any special requirements for permanent facility or site operations and the importance of complying with these requirements. It also covers possible accident or emergency situations that can occur and the actions to be taken in the event that they do.

BRS certification should be held by any person who is practising industrial radiography and is at one of two levels of competence in radiation safety, which the PCN Scheme recognises. PCN radiography certificates are valid only so long as the holder holds any other level of PCN radiation protection certification, or valid radiation safety certification recognised by The British Institute of NDT. For initial radiography candidates, the basic radiation safety examination may be taken at the same time as the radiography examination.

For information on BRS see:
‘Certification of Personnel in Radiation Safety and Protection’, PCN/GEN Appendix E3 Issue 8, dated 1 July 2016.

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