Chartered Engineer 

CEngChartered Engineer is the professional title for engineers. The Engineering Council (EC) holds the national register of professional titles and all titles are protected by civil law under the Engineering Council’s Royal Charter. CEng can only be used by individuals currently on the national register. Registration is renewable annually through membership of a professional engineering institution such as BINDT.

CEng is for engineers engaged in technical and commercial leadership and problem solving through innovation, creativity and change. In addition, or alternatively, they may have technical accountability for complex systems with significant levels of risk.

As a Licensed Member of the Engineering Council, BINDT can assess the suitability of members for admission to the EC Register as CEng. Members have to show that they are both competent to perform professional work to the necessary standards and have a commitment to maintain their competence, that they can work within professional codes and that they can participate actively within the profession.

For more information on CEng through BINDT see: http://www.bindt.org/membership/engineers-registration/

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