On The Job 

OTJOn The Job refers to training whilst actually performing a job of work. PCN qualifications require the operator to have undertaken a minimum number of hours of training, the amount depending on the NDT method and the level of the certification. Up to one third of the total number of specified training hours may take the form of OTJ training, provided it is verifiable and covers practical application of the syllabus detailed in CEN ISO/TR 25107: 2006, Non-destructive testing – Guidelines for NDT training syllabuses.

It is important for OTJ training to agree what it will cover before undertaking it, to ensure that the details are recorded and to get the trainer to sign the record to show successful completion.

For information on the PCN training requirements see: General requirements for qualification and PCN certification of NDT personnel, PCN/Gen Issue 6 rev B

For recording OTJ training use form PSL/42:

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