BINDT-Registered Practitioners

Certificate holders can now get free BINDT membership and access to online resources 

On 1 January 2016, BINDT introduced a new membership structure that has been developed to meet the demand for simple pathways into membership for practitioners, scientists/engineers and non-technical persons working in NDT. As a result, PCN certificate holders can now join BINDT as Affiliate Members at no charge and gain access to a valuable and growing set of benefits, including free access to electronic copies of the Institute's publications.

Click here to download the guide to free BINDT membership and access to online resources.

Any holder of a valid PCN certificate can register on the BINDT website and, as a BINDT-Registered Practitioner, gain access to his or her own personalised area, called My BINDT. Here they can update their contact details and password, view their membership details and download copies of publications. They can access NDT News, Condition Monitor, Insight online and other relevant information, as well as register for future e-newsletters.

In addition, as part of a major new initiative that demonstrates its commitment to promoting and supporting the professional development of its community, BINDT has now opened the My Career section and associated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tool to all PCN certificate holders. As long as a valid PCN number is entered in the system, the area is automatically populated with details of the user's valid PCN certificates.

In the My Career section of the website, BINDT-Registered Practitioners can enter details of their employment, education and training record, professional experience, future work activities and personal interests and ambitions. This is the first phase in the development of a comprehensive CPD tool for all BINDT members, giving them a powerful resource that is central to their career.

Users also have the ability to upload documents to their own secure area, to share selected information with others, print a PDF version to supplement their CV and gain access to a growing range of CPD resources. The kinds of documents being uploaded include CVs, training and qualification certificates and attendance records.

Once you are registered on the BINDT website as a BINDT-Registered Practitioner you automatically qualify for BINDT membership at the Affiliate grade, the new non-voting grade that gives access to a valuable and growing set of benefits, including the 'My Career' area of the website.

In the future, the 'My BINDT' and 'My Career' areas of the BINDT website will be developed further and new features and enhancements added continually. There will be the facility to log work experience in a way that is compatible with the requirements for PCN certification renewal and it is planned to develop the resources further by providing access to a wide range of CPD products – including courses, webinars, training guides and material.

BINDT recognises how important it is for individuals to maintain high levels of professional competence by continually improving and upgrading skills and knowledge. For professional development to be effective it needs to be part of a structured plan and this should be the subject of continual review. Goals need to be identified along with the skills required to achieve them. The My Career resource on the BINDT website will help with this entire process – providing a secure repository for recording documents that support the user's development, signposting opportunities for the achievement of goals, and a valuable source of information, learning material and advice.

Engineering Registration
One attestation that a technician or engineer possesses and maintains the knowledge, skills and commitment required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today, while also catering for the future, is professional registration with the Engineering Council. Employers of registered engineering professionals have the assurance of knowing that their employees have had their competence independently assessed, their credentials verified, and their commitment to CPD established. My BINDT and My Career will provide advice and assistance and guide applicants as well as prospective applicants through the process of achieving professional registration. In order to become registered, Affiliate members of BINDT will need to upgrade their membership to one of the voting grades (Associate, Member or Fellow).

So, register on this website today and apply to become a BINDT-Registered Practitioner. Take advantage of this free opportunity to access the My BINDT and My Career online resources to help you:
  • Plan your professional development
  • Maintain and improve your competences
  • Record your achievements
  • Identify and set new goals
  • Support your career development
  • Apply for engineering registration

And remember, as a Member of BINDT you can also enjoy the following benefits of membership:
  • Discounts on our conferences and events where you will have the opportunity to further your knowledge and network with colleagues from a range of industries
  • Discounts on books, membership items and other goods
  • Free Branch membership
  • Access to a range of products and services specially selected to suit your needs.

To register, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the green 'Log In/Register' button at the top left of your screen.
  2. If you have not yet registered, enter your email address in the 'New customer' box and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you are registered on the BINDT website, you can begin to populate your personal and secure area, which is called 'My BINDT'. First of all, click on the green 'My BINDT' tab.
  4. Next click 'My details' in the box on the left-hand side of the screen and then open the 'Update my other details' tab.
  5. Enter your PCN number into the appropriate field and any other details you can. You will always be able to return to this area and add more details as time goes on, but in order to register as a BINDT Practitioner you must enter a valid PCN number.

To use the My Career section:

  1. Log-in and click on 'My BINDT'.
  2. Click the 'My Career' link in the box on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. You can enter and update details of your employment, education and training record, professional experience, future work activities and personal interests and ambitions. You can also share selected information with other users - choose which details you want to share by ticking the appropriate 'Display' boxes and select who to display it to using the 'Visibility settings' dropdown selector. The details will appear in the Member's Directory.
  4. Use the 'Documents' section to upload documents related to your career. You can upload documents in Word, PDF and JPEG formats up to a maximum size of 5MB for each document.
  5. Use the button at the bottom of the page to save and print a PDF version of your details, which you could use to add value to your CV.