Testing And Monitoring / Penetrant System Monitoring 

TAMTesting And Monitoring panels and PSMPenetrant System Monitoring panels are test-pieces used to validate the sensitivity of dye penetrant inspections. These contain star-burst or linear-shaped defects of varying sizes on a chrome strip of fine surface finish. Signal to noise can be qualitatively determined by comparing the defect response to that of the noise from the surface roughness provided by grit-blasting.

These panels can be used to assess the sensitivity of a new inspection. They are also used to validate inspection changes, such as penetrant or light source replacements. Best practice dictates that an inspection set-up should be systematically checked using the same TAM panel since this is a qualitative validation where the responses from two TAM panels may yield different responses.

It is important to check that the TAM panel complies with all of the relevant standards and codes and that the panel is well cleaned and maintained to ensure repeatable performance.

For more information on TAM and PSM panels, see:

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  2. www.athndt.uk/psm-5-tam-panel-recommended-care-maintenance
  3. www.nde-ed.org/NDETechniques/PenetrantTest/QualityProcess/PerformanceCheck.xhtml

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