Pre-Job Brief/Post-Job Debrief 

PJB/PJDB - Pre-Job Brief/Post-Job Debrief are meetings involving all personnel who are involved in a particular piece of work. A PJB is held prior to embarking on the work. It involves managers, supervisors and workers. The objective of the PJB is to ensure that the scope of the work is understood, that each member of the team understands their roles and responsibilities, that any hazards and safety issues are highlighted, that the necessary mitigations and avoidance of errors are discussed and that the team has the opportunity to ask questions and obtain clarification on anything they are unsure about.

A PJDB is a meeting held after the work has been completed. The objective of the PJDB is to review the performance of the work: to identify what went well and, therefore, would be of benefit to incorporate in to future work and to investigate where the work did not go as planned and identify steps that could prevent the same setbacks happening in future work.

There is a lot of information by way of guidance, templates and videos on PJB/PJDB online. Input the one you want information on into a search engine. The websites for PJB tend to be either health & safety sites, which promote the PJB as a safety tool, or human performance sites, which promote the PJB as an error avoidance tool.

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