P-ScanProjection-scan – refers to an automated inspection scanning system, which when originally developed displayed the collected data in a Projection view. BS EN 1330-4:2000 defines the P-Scan as the 'Projection view of several B- or C-scans'. The projection view combined C-scan, D-scan and B-scan views in a single image so that the 3-dimensional position of an echo could be readily determined. The view also shows the echo dynamic for the C-/D-scan and the B-scan. The P-Scan view was originally devised to aid weld inspection and was subsequently used for corrosion mapping.

P-scan is a now a trade name used by FORCE Technology assigned to its automated ultrasonic system. The P-scan Stack System can operate in A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, P-Scan, T-scan, TOFD and Through Transmission modes.

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