Condition Monitoring 

CMCondition Monitoring – is the on-going measurement of physical or chemical parameters in order to provide information on either the current condition or on changes in the condition of plant and machinery. CM is achieved through techniques such as acoustic emission, electric motor insulation and signature analysis, vibration analysis, infrared thermography and optical monitoring, as well as more conventional measurements such as flow rate, temperature  and pressure monitoring.

CM allows the health of a machine to be assessed by periodic monitoring and analysis of data obtained during operation. CM is non-intrusive to the production process and has the potential to save costs due to the prevention of failure, secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance.  

CM augments NDT and the two disciplines share measurement techniques. Insight, the monthly publication of BINDT, covers both non-destructive testing and condition monitoring. BINDT recently launched a new online International Journal of Condition Monitoring.

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