Allianz Engineering Construction and Power

PO Box 4114, One Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester M60 3YG
+44 (0)845 076 0138
+44 (0)870 060 5307
Martyn Maxey, Senior NDT Specialist
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  • i - Infrared Thermography
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  • Service Inspection Group (SIG) Member (BINDT)

Allianz Engineering Construction and Power is one of the leading engineering insurance and inspection service providers in the UK. It provides inspection services to assist businesses in evaluating their engineering risks, ensuring the right level of advice and protection required for a safe working environment. It has the technical expertise to assist businesses in meeting their health & safety and other legislative and regulatory compliance requirements, together with a full range of NDT services.
The NDT department of Allianz Engineering provides a full range of NDT services, specialising in the inspection of in-service plant and machinery. In addition to the services listed, Allianz Engineering can supply metallurgical investigation, mechanical testing and weld procedure and welder qualification services. All work is carried out by multi-skilled personnel qualified through the PCN and BINDT certification schemes.

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