Trade and Industry Executive Committee

Chair: Mr P Fidgeon 

The purpose of the Trade and Industry Executive Committee is to provide a voice for all Corporate Members within the Institute. The Committee has a special interest sub-group: Service Inspection Group (SIG).

The Trade and Industry Executive Committee is responsible for:
  • Providing a forum for manufacturers, inspection authorities, service and research providers, plant owners and end users of NDT, both within the Institute and with external bodies.
  • Fostering links between all the sectors and interest groups represented.
  • Promotion of Corporate Membership of the Institute.
The Committee has further developed these three primary responsibilities to encompass the following main strategic objectives to:
  1. Develop its role as a communication channel for all Corporate Members.
  2. Nominate representatives to standards bodies and committees and establish mechanisms for effective communication with these representatives.
  3. Identify suitable events for promoting NDT and nominate appropriate individuals to represent the NDT industry at these events.
  4. Raise the profile of NDT with industry, government and external bodies.
  5. Enable Corporate Members to have an effective voice in influencing Institute policy in its different activities, for example certification, publications, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
  6. Work with the Service Inspection Group to ensure the success of its initiatives.
  7. Assist the Technical Committees in identifying topics for seminars.
  8. Encourage feedback from all Corporate Members on current Institute activities as well as ideas for new developments.
The Committee is represented within the Institute by a Committee of 13 Members elected annually at the Committee’s AGM, normally held during the BINDT Annual Conference. Members of the Committee normally serve for three years, with the Chair and Vice Chair being appointed for two years. The Committee consists of nominees of Corporate (company) Members and Co-opted Individuals with relevant specialist knowledge. All Corporate Member companies are entitled to provide a nominee for election to the Committee at the AGM. Meetings of the Committee are held four times a year at the Institute. The Committee Chair reports to the Institute’s Council. The current Chair is Mr P Fidgeon (email:

Trade & Industry Committee reports
Report from the meeting held 08 October 2015
Report from the meeting held 23 July 2015
Report from the meeting held 19 May 2015
Report from the meeting held 26 February 2015
Report from the meeting held 16 October 2014

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