Fluke UK Ltd

52 Hurricane Way, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6JB
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Brian Forrest, Managing Director
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  • o2 - Alignment Systems
  • v - Vibration Analysis

Fluke UK Ltd manufactures a range of eddy current inspection and magnetic flux leakage systems for process control and inspection of semi-finished products such as bar, wire and tube. The company has a high level of technical support and calibration and repair to support installed systems and to advise on application suitability for prospective customers.

Fluke manufactures and supplies a wide range of condition monitoring systems for the measurement and analysis of rotating machine operating conditions. The systems supplied cover all aspects of machine monitoring, from hand-portable to fixed hard-wired installations.

Fluke has a high level of training and technical support facilities to support product sales and system application queries.

Fluke is a service provider for a range of disciplines, including:

  • Technical shaft alignment by laser;
  • Machine alignment monitoring;
  • Condition monitoring of rotating machines;
  • Machine analysis and diagnosis by FFT;
  • Dynamic balancing;
  • Thermographic surveys; and
  • Pump/motor efficiency monitoring.

Operating countrywide, a full service capability is offered on a 24-hour call-out basis.

Fluke is an accredited ISO 9001 company.

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