MFE Enterprises, Inc

150 Holder Lane, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620, USA
+1 281 441 8284
+1 281 441 8361
Dylan Duke
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MFE Enterprises' aim is to bring to the marketplace rugged, reliable, user-friendly and affordable magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection tools that can be used efficiently by non-destructive testing service companies. MFE Enterprises, Inc currently manufactures three tank floor scanners: the MFE 2412 Mark II, the MFE 1212 Mark II and the new MFE 2412 Mark II Stop On Defect. MFE Enterprises, Inc has developed and recently released the new MFE PipeScan. The MFE PipeScan has real-time display and is as user-friendly, rugged and reliable as the tank floor scanners. The MFE PipeScan electronics module and battery are interchangeable with the MFE tank floor scanners. Please call for more details.

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