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Infrared Training Limited is dedicated to providing world-class infrared thermography training and related services. It is a global company that offers scheduled training courses and specialist in-house training solutions, with continued support to students worldwide.

Infrared Training Limited is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for BINDT and can offer third-party certification based on ISO 18436-7, second-party certification based on ASNT SNT-TC-1A and NDT courses to EN 4179.



  • Level 1 Infrared Thermography (Category 1 PCN and ASNT)
    A theoretical background is essential for understanding the real-world problems that thermographers face. The course combines this theory with hands-on operator training that teaches not only the basics of system operation, but also the finer points of effective infrared instrument use and reporting software programs.
  • Level 2 Infrared Thermography (Category 2 PCN and ASNT)
    This course is an advancement upon Level 1, developing infrared thermography knowledge and providing the opportunity to examine software packages and develop baseline trending and signature analysis. It is a useful tool for improving condition monitoring programmes and consultancy services.
  • One-day Introduction to Thermography
    This introductory course covers the theory behind infrared thermography and is designed to give those new to the industry an insight into the techniques used during infrared inspections. This course also teaches how to correctly gather and interpret the results obtained from an infrared camera.
  • Two-day Camera Operator
    This is a practical course designed to give students the ability to utilise infrared equipment and to gain a full understanding of the efficient methods of using the technology to maximise the return on investment.
  • L1 and L2 Aerospace
    This non-destructive testing course is designed for aerospace technicians to test aerospace materials for moisture ingress, repair damage and various other material defects, following aircraft manufacturers' procedures for each type of test. The course explains the theoretical nature of the technique and includes practical work and an examination process to allow technicians to maximise its use in the industry.

Building-specific courses:

  • Level 2 Infrared Thermography – Civil Applications (Category 2 PCN and ASNT)
  • Air Tightness Testing (Levels 1 and 2):
    This industry-approved course teaches the essential competencies needed to construct a blower door and perform air tightness testing. The theoretical element focuses upon standards, data collection and effective reporting.
  • Two-day Building Introduction:
    This introductory course is designed to introduce new students to the reality of infrared inspections on buildings, examining in detail the complex issues surrounding heat transfer in a structure and the correct evaluation of thermal data.


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