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Roman Kyrnyckyj
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  • Service Inspection Group (SIG) Member (BINDT)
  • UKAS Accredited Laboratory
  • UKAS Type A Inspection Body No 7538 BS EN ISO 9001:2008

IRISNDT Limited is a nationwide supplier of NDT services, with offices located in Immingham, Chatham, Hull, Pembroke Dock, Stockton-on-Tees and Ellesmere Port. The company is able to offer a wide range of conventional and specialist NDT services, a well-equipped materials laboratory, heat treatment and rope access services. Most of these services are available both on site and in house.

IRISNDT's inspection and testing services are accredited to ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO/IEC 17020 for Inspection Services and ISO/IEC 17025 for Laboratory Services.

It serves a wide range of industries ranging from refining, oil, chemical and power generation to engineering, fabrication and steelmaking as well as insurance and third-party inspection. Specific inspection applications include ship inspection, marine pressure system testing, package boiler and structural steel inspection.

IRISNDT Limited is the UK arm of an international group with offices in Canada and the United States of America. Globally, it employs over 800 staff, which allows the company to provide unrivalled resources and support.


Conventional NDT


  • Manual ultrasonic inspection
  • Gamma radiography
  • X-radiography
  • Computerised radiography
  • Dye-penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Alternating current field measurement
  • Visual inspection
  • Portable hardness testing
  • Positive material identification
  • Ferrite testing

Specialist NDT


  • 3D laser scanning
  • Acoustic emission
  • Time-of-flight diffraction
  • Automated ultrasonic testing
  • Phased array ultrasonics
  • Advanced ultrasonic backscatter technique
  • IRIS tube inspection
  • Eddy current tube inspection
  • Remote field ET tube inspection
  • Guided wave testing
  • Electromagnetic acoustic transducers

Metallurgical laboratory


  • Tensile testing
  • Welder qualification tests
  • Charpy impact testing
  • Weld procedure qualifications
  • Bend tests
  • Replication
  • Macro section
  • Failure analysis
  • Hardness testing
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