Lavender International NDT Consultancy Services Ltd

Unit 7, Penistone Station, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S36 6HP, UK
+44 (0)1226 765769
Beverley Scott
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  • Training Establishment Approved by BINDT
  • Outside Agency Level 3 Services and PCN AQB

Lavender International NDT is a leading global provider in non-destructive testing training, examinations and Level 3 consultancy services to clients across the world.

Lavender International is accredited by major NDT organisations, such as BINDT and ASNT, to provide internationally recognised central and employer-based certification schemes. The company runs various Level 1, 2 and 3 courses, such as magnetic testing, penetrant testing, radiographic testing, weld inspector, ultrasonic testing, phased array, time-of-flight diffraction, alternating current flow measurement, eddy current testing and high-temperature hydrogen attack inspection. These courses are run from its training centres located in Sheffield, UK, Houston, Texas, or at on-site company locations.

In addition, Lavender International also offers NDT consultancy services that range from providing audits and reviews to preparing, reviewing and approving NDT procedures and acting as a third-party Level 3. It offers expert witness services, independent technical reports and failure analysis services. The team also performs research and development and develops bespoke inspections, novel inspection techniques and hybrid solutions to solve complex inspections on challenging materials, joint geometries and critical material degradation.  

What sets Lavender International apart from other NDT training schools is that it is believed to be the only NDT training provider that is solely owned by its employees. Being employee owned means that everyone in the company is a co-owner and is equally invested in ensuring that the students it trains have the best experience, the companies it works with have optimum support and that everything it does is delivered by quality staff who actually own the company. Lavender International believes that the experience it provides is unique and is often referred to as ‘The Lavender Way’.

​USA Branch: University Business Park, Suite G, 15200 Middlebrook Drive, Houston, Texas, 77058, USA

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