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Carestream was founded in 2007 when Kodak’s Medical and NDT Group was purchased by the Onex Corporation of Canada in a $2.55 billion deal and formed a stand-alone company.
Based in Rochester, USA, and operating in 150 countries worldwide, Carestream is a totally independent company with over 7000 employees and a turnover of $2.3 billion.
Carestream manufactures the Industrex range of radiographic films, chemicals and processors, as well as a large range of digital radiography systems, and accessories

The HPX-1+, is designed and built specifically for NDT. HPX-1+ can handle rigid cassettes and bare plates without reconfiguration, and can also scan any size or shape of small plate by using a plate carrier. Image quality and ease of use are amongst the best available.

The HPX-Pro is a CR unit that can be used anywhere. It is lightweight and can be run on battery power and when used in conjunction with the laptop makes it truly portable.

The HPX-DR panel is a DDA panel built specifically for the NDT market. With IP57 rating, ruggedized housing and increased shielding the HPX-DR is capable of operating in most conditions. It can be used wirelessly or tethered to a laptop. 139µm resolution ensures quality images.

All digital systems utilise the Industrex software package, which allows for continuity of use throughout the range.
Whilst CR and DR are growing businesses, Carestream also remains fully committed to the traditional NDT film market.
Take a look at the Carestream website for more information about Industrex films, processors and digital products.

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